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It's more simple then you may think.
Project Eq and all the rest of eqemulator's community, built most of the codes that enables Project 1999 to be like it is now.

Most of the code was modified by trial and error. It wasn't copied from the real everquest.
Most of the things that Project 1999 did (I think), is reversing as much stuff as possible to be as close to 1999, as anyone can remember, along of fixing much more stuff.

As you may have already experienced, Project 1999 is a bit different from live. Starting from the obvious stuff as bugs, and goes to stuff that's are just estimated, and not copied. Such as experience rates, spawn rates and loot tables (and many, many many more...).

Anyway, here is an experience modifier table from PEQ's databse.
From my experience, that's seems to be the most accurate, so I'm pretty sure this is it.
So unless Project 1999's team have changed it, this should be like this: