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Old 02-28-2012, 09:37 AM
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i remember fungi going for 120k on live for a while it all depended on server and population. RMT doesnt have enough effect on prices.
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I don't know how you can say fungi tunic is overvalued. It is the single best item for shaman. It is the single best item for a solo leveling melee (you *might* be able to argue ragebringer MQ for rogues). That makes the demand for fungis high. Since there is not a money sink in classic, the amount of raw pp on this server is huge, regardless of how it transfers through rmt or actual item trades/sales.

A large raw amount of purchasing power plus a borderline overpowered item equals high prices. The only reason its so low and not 300k like that 60/40 caster 1hb is because it still drops.
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Make everything No Drop!
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Originally Posted by Amelinda [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
I remember one night when Uthgaard and I started on some RMT work at like 4am and worked until something like 4 in the afternoon, tracing trade logs and banning people. That evening he logged the sellers characters in that we banned and handed me all of the plat and some of the items. It's all still in my bank.
Can you lend that plat to me for a trak BP? I promise I'll pay it back.
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Originally Posted by Uthgaard [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
In order for RMT to be handled, they'd have to give someone access to the logs. That just won't happen. It's been six months, I even helped amelinda learn sql, and they still won't let anyone else near them. They don't want anyone else being able to see what's really going on, because if anyone did, they could expose the truth like I did. They don't want people to see rogean issuing #pban removechar eashan once the coast looked clear, and who only knows what else is in there now.

But if I can still spot that crap from this large of a distance, you might as well give up on them letting anyone else scrutinize the logs. No one has issued a single RMT ban since I left, and I virtually handed them richgirl on a silver platter with local logs I still had stored. But they did ban the guy who richgirl accused of stealing from her. Go figure.
If I was so keen on keeping actions hidden I could simply just delete logs, if I really wanted to. Your argument is moot.

You don't seem to get the fact that we've wanted to let you walk quietly but you continue to attempt to troll us to make us look bad to save yourself face or to 'be the bad guy' and make us 'regret' not letting your bipolar ass back on the staff. People here know you hold grudges and boy how far you will go to get that satisfaction. So here's a little log tidbit:

83581540 mmiles2 21164 80 Uthgaard Uthgaard 2010-12-23 10:21:40 Dropped Item [ecommons] 7506
83581546 Rosesdead 11537 0 Quickfingers Quickfingers 2010-12-23 10:21:42 Picked Up Item [ecommons] 7506
Also found other items on that character that have been deleted before epics were released, such as translated parchments. Logs also seem to support that you changed your name to a_gnoll_pup000 in 2011 to hide your command logs (unsuccessfully) while continueing to help Quickfingers get these items.

Originally Posted by Uthgaard [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Except the cool thing is that the server logs go back to may of 2010, before I was a GM, and anyone can see I never gave him shit. Rogean is free to post my full command logs if he likes.
I will, thank you.
Old 02-28-2012, 11:24 AM
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One situation unique to this server is indeed the high-end population and population level leading to PP deflation.

Low-level items are going to continue to decline in value to the point of worthlessness. This can be seen by actual PP deflation the last 3-4 months. Look at FBSS / GEB prices for an example. If you measure PP cost per stat point, PP is actually worth more now than a month ago. This is because GEB's drop every ~24 hours but there isn't a new caster twink made every 24 hours.

This should be the long term effect for all campable dropable objects. Non-campable objects such as CoF will have the opposite effect since supply should never reach demand.

This only ties into RMT if people specifically only sell non-campables via RMT.
Which may be the case. There are certainly more CoFs for sale via rmt than via EC. Odd since between sky & epics they are no longer really bis for those that can acquire them.
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Hello from RNF

ITT Rogean owns Uth
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The fact that Richgirl hasn't been banned is legitimately embarrassing to the server. It's not even veiled.
Old 02-28-2012, 12:14 PM
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You know, I nose around the blue trade forums here and again.

Some items are coming down in value like hiero cloak.

It's supply and demand like other people say.

Plus, the good news? If you do win a roll on an item, it usually goes a long way towards affording something you really want.

As far as buying items? Bleh. What ever happened to grouping for them the old fashioned way?

Sure I can farm sea furies all week solo and never go to the trouble of forming a group, but how much fun is that?
Dr. Nirgon, DDS <Holocaust>
Originally Posted by Nizzarr View Post
I dont believe nirgon is here to harm these servers but to help make it more classic.
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Just how much proof does anyone need to accuse someone of RMTing platinum or characters?

I am very curious. Is there something written anywhere that states PRECISELY what is necessary to convict someone of this?

In-game screen shots? RMT website screen shot? Forum screen shots? All of it???

I ask because there was a time when someone I vaguely knew RMTd their character, and although I reported screen shots of a confession as well as the price AND a link to the RMT website with the character profile/gear (however without account name or character name) it was ignored. Nothing happened with it, and that RMTd account has not been banned.

Bregan D'Awesome
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