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Relive the classic Everquest MMORPG Gaming Experience as it was in 1999 and onward. Project 1999 is a free to play Emulated Everquest Server giving Players the opportunity to experience Classic EQ Once again, currently in the Velious expansion and a max level of 60, with the look and feel of the old interface and several modifications making game mechanics similar to how the game used to be. Project 1999 is the best and most popular classic Everquest experience.
To start playing, use our Setup Guide on the left.
Patch Notes: Monday, February 13th, 2017
Feb 13, 2017 - 2:56 AM - by Rogean
  • Haynar: Using sneak while FD will no longer work as a memblur.
  • Haynar: Entities will be dropped from an NPC's hatelist after 10 minutes of adding no additional hate.
  • Haynar: Implemented class specific level based weapon damage caps. Thanks Demonstar55 from EQEmu.
  • Haynar: Added "lazy aggro" behavior for NPCs. If they get too far from their target, they will no longer chase.
  • Haynar: Merchants that face their target when hailed, will now have a delay before their heading returns to normal.
  • Haynar: Fixed blind to function better when someone moves in and out of range. Moving back into combat range, and the mob should stop fleeing. Going out of range they should start fleeing again. Casting blind on an NPC with someone in combat range, will no longer cause mobs to flee right away.
  • Haynar: Altered how sneak pulling works on social aggro. Mobs on same faction, should no longer be fooled as easily.
  • Haynar: Linkdead players will no longer take faction hits.
  • Haynar: Added witness checks for beneficial spells.
  • Haynar: Added a 30 sec check for dropping aggro if beyond chase distance.
  • Nilbog: [Feb 2001] Added ground spawns for Strange Dark Fungus and Underfoot Mushroom
  • Nilbog: Forlorn Totem of Rolfron Zek drops with correct amount of charges
  • Alunova: Sontalak, Zlandicar, Wuoshi and Klandicar will have a harder time fearing players.
  • Telin: [Aug 2001] Researcher's Badge quest (Qeynos Badge #3) is now live.
  • Telin: Oobnopterbevny now roams the disease-filled plains of West Karana.
  • Telin: Corrected robe appearance for female heretic invaders in Stonebrunt.
  • Telin: Corrected pathing for heretic invaders in Stonebrunt.
  • Telin: Jewelcrafters can now fashion together an Imbued Golden Plains Earring.
  • Telin: Corrected loot for Thistle Underbrush.
  • Telin: Corrected appearance for Kaiaren.
  • Telin: Corrected Prowler of the Jungle's hail text.
  • Telin: Adjusted Cynthia's spawn time and damage to classic levels. Also added a missing death emote.
  • Telin: Ghost of Ridossan is now the appropriate level. He also sees through invisibility and will cast more spells.
  • Telin: The Bat Fur and Beetle Leg quest in Paineel is now multiquestable and also rewards more faction.
  • Telin: Corrected faction for Going Postal quests.
  • Telin: Corrected Hill Giant loot which includes removing high-level research items and daggers, greatly increasing the weapon drop rate and increasing the variety of gems/jewelry dropped.
  • Telin: Changed the named of "a kodiac" in Mountains of Rathe to the classic "a kodiak bear".
  • Telin: Added loot to Guard Dykalin and corrected appearance.
  • Telin: Added loot to Brill, Lysandra, Albain, Kedryll, Marianna, Tomas, and Solvedi in the Mountains of Rathe.
  • Telin: Corrected Boon of the Garou's Lifetap spell animation.
  • Telin: Adjusted loot for greater dark boned skeletons in Unrest.
  • Telin: Increased faction rewards for the Red and Orange Sash quests.
  • Telin: Adjusted loot and added items to the thaumaturgist.
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