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01-03-2010 until 12-26-2099
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Project 1999 Guide Application

Project 1999
Guide Application

The P99 Guide Program consists of volunteer players who help serve as the first line of player support on our servers. Guides assist players with a wide range of issues, including:
Decayed Corpse Summons
Item Reimbursements
IP Exemptions
Camp Dispute Arbitration
Play Nice Policy Enforcement
Forum Moderation
And more!
To be eligible, applicants must have accounts free of any recent disciplinary action and, of course, have a desire to help the P99 community continue to grow and thrive. Guides are asked to provide an average of at least 10 hours per week of service and cannot Guide on a server on which they actively play. For example, if a candidate actively plays on Green, they may apply to be a Guide on Blue.

That said, copy the following questions into a new thread in the Guide Application forum. Please ensure to be descriptive with and elaborate every response. We aren't looking for one sentence responses outside of the first few questions. Without proper knowledge, it would be challenging to correctly answer some of the questions so be creative.

Good luck and we look forward to reading your applications!

Which servers (Blue, Green, Red) are you willing to help guide on? (Note: You cannot Guide on a server you actively play on)

How much time are you willing to devote to guide activities? During what hours will you commonly be willing to devote time to guiding (Include time zone)?

What is your discord handle?

Please list all characters and accounts that belong to you on P99 or R99, including which server, Class, Level, Guild Affiliation (Including Duties).

Please list up to 6 names/aliases you’d like us to consider for your guide character. Please note, none of the names can be associated with or able to be linked to your play characters.

What is your real first and last name?

Where do you live (State)?

How old are you?

What is your occupation?

What qualities and skills do you think you will bring to the Guide program?

Have you ever been or are currently a Guide, GM, or Dev on another EQEmulator server, EQLive, or any other MMO or Emulator?

How long have you been playing P99?

Do you have any family members or real life friends that play P99?

How long and during what periods did you play Everquest Live? How familiar are you with each expansion of Everquest? Please be particularly specific regarding your knowledge of Classic, Kunark, and Velious.

What other MMORPG's have you played, and for how long?

What other EQEmulator servers have you played on and to what extent?

What GM Events on EQLive or P99 Have you attended? Did you enjoy them? What would you change? Would you be interested in assisting with the running of GM Events on P99?

Are you able to communicate using common voice applications such as Discord? (This is not a requirement, but may be requested for meetings or coordination).

Are you easily offended?

How would you respond to a disrespectful/insulting player?

In response to a petition about a camp dispute, a player comes into an area and starts attacking and killing mobs which another player had been waiting for. The first player says he did not see anyone around when he engaged. How would you handle this situation?

You receive a tell about someone who is suspected of exploiting, but the person you were asked to watch is a friend or in the same guild as your play character, how would you handle this situation?

A guild wiped to a mob they said was not behaving as normal is requesting resurrections. How would you handle this situation?
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