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10-25-2009 until 12-26-2099
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PETITION/EXPLOIT FORUM: Read before posting.

When posting threads in this forum, they are only viewable by the post creator and the server staff.

Multi-questing is not supported by the Project 1999 staff, and as such, items lost through failed multi-quests will not be reimbursed.

We do not correct core character stats, deity, race or class. Choose carefully when you create your character.

Petitions are done from oldest to newest based on the date of the last post. Every time you bump your thread you are bumping yourself to the end of the list.

Please provide as much information as possible, like account names and character names, when petitioning, or your petition may be ignored.

If you petition in game and it belongs on this forum it may be deleted without comment or warning, this also goes with forum petitions posted on the forums that belong in game.

Some requests we handle exclusively IN GAME with /petition, don't petition more than once. These requests include:

Name: Name changes are only for those with names that are in direct violation of the server's naming policy, and some other extreme circumstances. Final naming is up to GM discretion. We do not change names if a player self reports.

Surname: If you wish to have a new surname simply petition. If you'd like to have a custom surname we can help you with that, but we only get involved if you want a ` in that name, but it must be elvish themed. We will not give you a name that has been rejected. You must be on that toon for us to make this change, so do not get discouraged if we don't respond quickly. If you find yourself with an _ in your surname, you have lost the ability to have a surname due to abuse.

Stuck: Players get stuck, if /rewind does not work please petition in game. Include in the petition that you tried /rewind. If you manage to get yourself unstuck feel free to petition again.

Corpse Summons: For us to summon your corpse it must have rotted. We will only summon geared corpses. It's best if you're offline, but not required. NOTE: We can't reimburse items that rotted on a mob corpse.

Guild Creation: In your petition include your desired guild name along with an alternative in case that name is taken. If the name is approved we will create it exactly as you write it as long as it falls within our guidelines. If you'd like multiple leader roles, list the toon names and double check spelling. Please have the required 6 players before petitioning for a guild creation.

Camp Disputes: At the time of the dispute it's best to petition in game. There's a lot of confusion about what constitutes a "camp", but if you feel your camp is being invaded whatever you do, don't KS another player. Do not touch a mob someone else has already engaged, this looks really bad for you. We recommend all players to run OBS/FRAPS and record your dispute in action then post it on the petitions / exploits forums.

There are other requests we handle exclusively ON THE FORUMS. Please use the appropriate prefixes when posting:

Ban/Suspensions Bans are generally a result of exploitation, 3rd party programs, multi-box offenses or RMT. These are never reversed. We do temp ban accounts if someone was scammed or you picked a name that may be offensive, this is usually a temporary ban if everything is resolved. Suspensions are usually a result of training, KSing, or misconduct.

IP Exemption: This is for requesting to be exempt from the limit of 1 connection per IP Address. You may request exemption if you have more than 1 real person playing from the same IP. When posting for this, please include the account names of every person that will be playing from the same IP, as well as the identities (real first names) / relations to those players, and please make sure that at least one character has been created under each account. Please verify the spelling of each account you specify. This format works best: Real first name - Relationship - Loginserver Account Name
If you fail to provide us the format we have requested it will delay your request.
If you have requested an IP Exemption in the past please provide those accounts too.
This will fix the "Temporary IP ban" error.

Exploit: Use this to report any exploits that you have discovered. Please be as descriptive as possible.

Report: This can be used for anything that has to do with player misconduct. This may include training, spamming channels, killstealing, harassment, or exploiting. /report DOES NOT WORK IN P99.

Reimbursement: Use this to request reimbursement of items if they were lost due to a known bug, again we do not reimburse an item if it relates to a multi-quest.
We can't reimburse items that rotted on a mob corpse unless the target player is on the combat log and the item is a 100% drop rate.
We do not reimburse items sold to the vendor, you must buy the item back. Older items show up first.
NOTE: We offer toon restores also, but these take some time.

Include in your post:
- Character Name
- Server
- Item Lost
- Brief Description of the circumstances (if known) around it's disappearance

CURRENT WAIT TIMES FOR REIMBURSEMENTS (as of 05/16/2024): 8 months

Before requesting a reimbursement, consider the following:
  • How easily could I reacquire this item(s)?
  • How valuable or rare is this item(s)?
  • Was this a server glitch or a mistake I made?

Other: Anything not covered.


The below criteria is to help us assist you in a more timely fashion. It also shows you tried your best to resolve the issue yourself. Submitting for staff review should be the absolute last resort.

All raid petitions are required to have the following criteria.

The date of the incident must be in the end of the title and in this format "Month day, year".
The petitioner's guild name along with the offending guild's name/abbreviation must be in the title.
i.e. TMO trained an_asp on AM June 3, 2020

All guilds submitting for staff review must show they did their due diligence to resolve the issue with the other guild. This means representatives of both guilds must have a conversation about this incident. The entirety of that conversation must be submitted in your post which will include your intent to escalate to server staff. Even if an officer/GL ignored your attempts at communication, we want that information.

Any offered concessions or compensatory efforts from both parties needs to be included in the petition as well.

If we found you left crucial data out or the conversation is altered on either side we will investigate shenanigans.

All videos posted must be 720p (or, even better, 1080p) and uploaded to Youtube. This is really in your best interest - sometimes nameplates are extremely hard to read.
With the videos, we're asking for players to provide timestamps of the most important parts. Play by plays are also extremely helpful.
It is advisable to leave text boxes & original sound with voice communications intact.

Please keep in mind, we reserve the right to close any post if we feel you are crying wolf or it doesn't meet the guidelines above. If it is a matter of crying wolf, it may result in disciplinary action.

Originally Posted by Ephi
Regarding Error 1018 (Active Character In Game)

This error happens seemingly randomly to different accounts that have connected into Project 1999 Blue or Red.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that the CSR staff can do to resolve this issue for an account. The only resolution is time.

If you encounter this error, please just be patient and will eventually clear itself. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours to clear.

Petitions for active characters may be moved and resolved without reply, as there is nothing we can do for these. Hopefully over time we'll find a resolution and rid the server once and for all of this error. [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]

Until then, stay patient!


How long does it take for someone to respond to my petition?
For in game petitions, it depends if there are any CSR online and how busy we are. I'm sure you can imagine that certain issues take priorities above others. It's also a matter of having CSR online at the same time as the player. For forums, it depends on the nature of the issue and how busy we are.

Does my in game petition go away when I log out?
Nope. It stays there until CSR addresses it and/or removes it from the list.

Does my in game petition go away when I swap characters?
Nope. As long as you stay on the same login account, it directs it to the character you're playing.

Is there a way to cancel my in game petition?
Not right now. The best method is to submit a new /petition similar to, "Please cancel my last petition, it's been resolved, thank you!"

If no one responds to my in game or forum petition immediately, should I post follow ups?
Please no. It's very likely there just isn't a CSR online when you submit your petition. As stated above, your petition doesn't go away so it's not uncommon for us to touch base about a concern days after the fact.

What if I never hear back about a petition?
We don't always respond to petitions that we resolve. For example, if you report another player for something, we likely won't reach out and tell you what happened.

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