View Full Version : WTB New player WTB low lvl mage gear

07-29-2013, 03:27 AM
So I'm really poor and just started on P99. I'll take whatever you want to give me as a hand me down. But I have also managed to farm some cash as well..

If you've got any +int items for sale or laying around, I'd be glad to take em off your hands. I basically have nothing magic except for a head item and face item, so anything other than that I'm looking for!

Message me in game on Garst (9 human mage)


07-29-2013, 11:34 AM
Hey Dethbringre,

I offer the suggestion I always have to people asking for hand me downs or pretty easy ways of getting plat early on for fun.

I suggest making an alt iks necro. lvl up to like lvl 4 and get your pet spell..farm skellies with swords and shields especially and sell them for gold and plat (shields sell for 1 plat ish)...get spell and bag money from shields. Then buy large sewing kits from the trader huts. Ten slot giant size I think. Then go and farm the spiderling cave for only spiderling silk. Far it for a day or two. or until you have as close to full inventory in silks as possible.

Then Make an alt and run him to East commonlands tunnel and find someone who would be willing to port your iksar to west commonlands for a tip or spiderling silks (a stack of spiderling silk is work 20plat).

When iksar is in EC, sell the spiderling silks for nothing less than (or suggested over) 1plat per silk.

That's how I made my first 1k plat.

GL hunting.

My opinion, its cool if someone gives you something totally out of the blue in trade window...but don't go looking for donations...its tacky. Mages don't need any gear honestly anyways.. I'd suggest doing silks and getting your first mage epic items that help you summon. Life savers. like torch, broom, stein (id look them up..been years).

Best of luck!


07-29-2013, 05:55 PM
Well I think after reading this and totally not remembering posting it, that I was about 4 beers and 5ish Adderall deep at time of posting.. Not sure if I was able to convey what I was looking for hehe.

I've managed to farm a few hundred PP and was looking to buy some low lvl caster Int gear, like crap starting gear to boost a bit of mana for me. I've seen a few items here and there like Opalline Earring go for like 40ish pp, thats the type of gear I'm seeking, nothing fancy just a boost in mana :)