View Full Version : WTS Lots and lots of animal pelts, deathfist belts. / WTB newbie SK armor

Iron Dragon
08-01-2013, 05:38 PM
Hi, all new to the server after 10 years of not playing EQ. I'm looking to level up a Troll SK and need funds to buy armor. My in-game name is Minivan, a level 10 Troll SK.

I have the following for sale:


Elf-Hide Gloves
Banded helm (large)
Banded chest (medium)
Banded belt (medium)

HQ Pelts:
Wolf x 2
Cat x 1

MQ Pelts:
Cat x 7
Bear x 4
Wolf x 1

LQ Pelts:
Cat x 3
Bear x 2

Thick Grizzly Bear Skin x 3
Spider Silk x 12
Spiderling Silk x 9
Deathfist slashed belts x 16
Enbalming dust x 1


Affordable SK armor that a Troll can wear for the following slots:

Wrists x2
Earrings x2

I can be found usually in EC or the Ro area, feel free to PM me here or in-game as Minivan.

Iron Dragon
08-02-2013, 02:49 PM
I've updated this a bit, with a couple of new items I've acquired. :)