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11-28-2009, 09:03 AM
Anyone know how group exp is handed out? I think on live it was changed to something along the lines of 2 people in a group gives a 20% bonus to exp and then split amongst the two would equal 60% for each. With 3 people it was maybe a 35% bonus then split amongst the 3 (not entirely sure on that one). Lastly I remember the last person in the group (6th) gave additional bonus to exp without adding anymore splitting. So a 6 person group would get more exp per kill per character than a 5 person. Like I said in the second sentence it was CHANGED to be like that well after Luclin, maybe even POK. Classic was not like that. That being said, how does it work on this server?

11-28-2009, 09:25 AM
Well, be careful who you add to the group, cause it does seem to significantly decrease exp gain per mob, even a 6th.

Edit: Just based on personal experience, no concrete proof... even adding a duo partner would cut my solo exp if they weren't super necessary.

11-28-2009, 09:40 AM
Just did some searching of castersrealm archives and found this gem.


May 28, 2003

As it stands in EverQuest, groups gain a 2% to 20% experience bonus, which we refer to as the "group bonus", for having two to six members. In practice, however, this has never been much of a bonus, even in the case of a full group, given that the experience was already being divided six ways.

In the past, we had also attempted to reward people for adventuring in more challenging Planes of Power zones by making those zones give a better rate of experience.

As of this update, groups now gain 20% to 80% "group bonus" experience for having two to five members.

Full, six-person, groups now see an additional bonus. Their experience is only divided five ways, yet they still gain the 80% "group bonus." For those who think in terms of pie charts, it amounts to a larger piece of a larger pie.

This might explain why people have been able to level up on this server much faster than in 1999. Full groups are getting 180% exp per kill divided 5 ways for 36% of solo experience for each character. In 1999 it was 120% divided 6 ways for 20% of solo experience. I know a few people will hate me for posting this because if its changed it means even slower leveling. Full groups are getting almost twice the exp per kill than they would have in 1999. That's assuming we are using the newer 20 to 80% one but judging by how fast people hit 50 I'm going to say we are.