View Full Version : Projected Class R Guilds, Talk Schedules

01-14-2014, 06:57 PM
Let's use this thread as a way to communicate a good time for all guilds to find a common time they can log onto vent and have discussions. It doesn't have to be all the guilds (as like it was last Friday).

During our talks last friday, I stated that I needed to hold a guild meeting with my members and run some things by them. This meeting occurred, and our Leaders are more able to discuss details regarding commitments and such. Also, I believe most of us wanted to plan another talk after a proposal had been finalized. I believe we were 1 of 3 guilds that needed to kind of run things by their member base before committing anything to the rest of the more-established guilds.

If anyone is interested, I will let you lead with a time / place to hold another round table. Anything 7pm - 10pm EST will work for me personally, and times later than that will be more ideal for our other members who are PST