View Full Version : WTB the following mid level research pages:

12-21-2009, 12:36 PM
I am looking for the following research pages:

Tasarinís Grimoire Page 390 (left and right)
A Faded Velishoulís Tome page
Velishoulís Tome Page 108
Velishoulís Tome Page 109
Saliís Writ Page 60 (left and right)
Saliís Writ Page 90 (left and right)
Saliís Writ Page 64 (left and right)

Multiple copies are a plus as I want to get my skill up in addition to getting the spells.
Please send Chicanery a tell in game Thanks!

(Note to other enchanters: I am also willing to buy the spells that these pages create outright).