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01-05-2017, 03:30 PM
Currently there are several agreements the top entities of Project 1999 has in place. There is an agreement for:

Veeshan's Peak Rotation
Ring War Rotation
Trakanon Rotation
Statue/AoW Lock Out Extension
Tunare Rotation (Currently only AM/AW)

Veeshans Peak:

The guilds who have agreed to this currently agreed to:

1. A 24 hour limit from when the last Dragon spawns in Veeshan's Peak. This means when the final dragon of the six spawn in VP, you have 24 hours to kill them. After that it becomes FFA.

2. The Ring War rotation follows a similar format: Once Sentry Badain spawns, you have 24 hours from then to complete your Ring War. If he is still up after 24 hours it becomes FFA. No other guilds who have agreed to this rotation can assist another guild in the rotation.

3. Trakanon is also rotated. He becomes FFA after 2 hours if you do not kill it on your turn.

4.Statue / AoW - In the interest of keeping it simple, the current rule set we have for this agreement is:

A. If a guild obtains FTE on Statue, you have 24 hours where no other guild adhering to this agreement will interfere with Statue.
B. You must still follow the server rules of a 1 hour lock out for the first hour of your active Statue FTE.
C. If you choose to seek assistance from another guild and that guild was locked into another mob during the first hour of your Statue FTE, they cannot help you with the Statue kill, but can assist on AoW.
D. If you wipe to Statue or AoW, they become FFA and able to be FTEd by any other guild. Also, the 20 minute server rule still applies to a spawned AoW

5. Tunare agreement, as it stands now, is only applied to Aftermath and Awakened. This agreement consists of:

A. Tunare being rotated based of who killed it last.
B. If you attempt Tunare and fail, she becomes FFA and whichever guild kills her at this point starts a new rotation.
C. There currently isn't any set arbitrary amount of days you have to begin your clear and attempt on Tunare due to Variance and the possibility of it falling on the day when other mobs will spawn.
D. You cannot seek assistance from other guilds who have agreed to this rotation.

These are the rotations we have in their simplest form. Any changes any guilds feel need to be discussed can be done so here. If you wish to join or attempt any of the mobs in these rotations, we ask that you simply give us a weeks notice to adjust and wait your turn. If you succeed, you will be added to the rotation, if you fail we ask that you wait at least thirty (30) days to ask again for another attempt.

Also, if you wish to back out of any rotations we ask you give a one (1) week notice to prevent any abuse of these rotations.

01-05-2017, 03:42 PM
I am glad you made this post, as you clearly had it waiting for when I posted mine.

The current Statue Agreement is word for word:

[10/4/2016 9:24:29 PM | Edited 9:28:45 PM] Nemce Allazaward: Agreement for VP, Ring Wars and Statue/AoW :
CSG, Rustle, AW and AM agrees that if a guild tags statue they are afforded a non-aggression period of 24 hours after the FTE from the cosigners of this agreement. This FTE is player made and does not effect a guild's ability to lock and maintain any other FTE shouting mob after the first hour. (server rules obviously apply to the first hour).

... Things about other agreements ...

This agreement has been signed by Detoxx, Breaken, Getsome and Nemce

This is all. Since its inception, many topics have been discussed, but never finalized.

Some of these include:

[10/11/2016 11:33:33 AM] Getsome: If someone has regret over not including language in the previous agreement then they can choose to leave at any time.

[11/1/2016 8:03:58 AM] Nemce: I could essentially hire Kittens who say meow or dial a port to fte statue for me on a repop
[11/1/2016 8:04:16 AM] Nemce: And team up with them when is convenient
[11/1/2016 8:04:29 AM] Nemce: Which I see as a potential abuse

[11/1/2016 8:31:05 AM] Detoxx: [Monday, October 31, 2016 8:24 PM] Aikons:
<<< [Tue Nov 01 02:10:50 2016] Shigouragu tells you, '[Tue Nov 01 08:55:49 2016] Happyhealz tells you, 'you do understand that you can not ally with any other guild that claimed a active FTE while you were 1-hour locked into statue, that would be considered double dipping.'
[11/1/2016 8:31:33 AM] Breaken: This is how we interpret it, yes.

[11/12/2016 11:25:05 PM] Nemce: We don't want any agreements with smaller guilds to fte statue, knowing they won't get much in the first hour anyway, with the promise that one of us will assist in a kill.
[11/12/2016 11:26:05 PM] Nemce: If it included everyone then I'd make agreements with kittens, the tunnel rats guilds, and every leveling guild on the server
[11/12/2016 11:26:11 PM] Nemce: It's system breaking
[11/12/2016 11:27:00 PM] Nemce: Repops are the problem that needs solved

This was specific to only these 4 entities, no other. Never once was it agreed for other guilds to enter it. As such, I recently proposed a more detailed agreement that allows for other guilds to join. You can read it here:


If guilds are interested in getting into this agreement, I suggest you read it, and sign it.

01-12-2017, 05:24 PM
Bump. No need for insane 1000 word Penal Code books on these things. Aftermath agrees to all in the OP