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03-24-2017, 12:25 PM
Anonymous, Azure Guard, Europa, Fires of Heaven, Infernus, Omni, Rustle, Venerate have agreed on an allocation of raid targets amongst ourselves.

We have all agreed to not engage the following raid targets from now until 3/28 6 PM EST.

Talendor - (no data on spawn window)
Faydedar - (no data on spawn window)
Velketor - (no data on spawn windows)
Lord Nagafen - window opens 3/27 11:30 AM EST
Fright - (next 3 day spawn) window opens around 3/26 11 AM EST
Terror - (next 3 day spawn) window opens around 3/26 11 AM EST
Dread - (next 3 day spawn) window opens around 3/26 11 AM EST

These two TOV dragons will be also be left up for some time, provided they do not interfere with our pulls in ToV.

Sevalak - window opens 3/25 8 PM EST
Cekenar - window opens 3/27 4:30 PM EST

We also had left up a couple golems prior to this post. Gratz Veloci Shift on your kills last night. We hope a few lucky Shaman will be able to complete their epic without having to buy an MQ.

An open server raid will be held inside for VP for anyone able to join on 3/27 8 PM EST. I know at least one dragon will be up, and possible two. Fair loot rules for the open raid will be finalized and announced inside VP. (Bring your MR gear if you plan on coming)

I want to thank all the participants in the talks that arrived at this agreement. Kiix, Gogre, Culkasi, Cloki, Kiyarah & Audhe. If anyone who was privy to the talks will attest, I believe it was a friendly and open discussion.

I would finally like to thank the participating guilds for coming together and making the weekend more about enjoying EQ and less about poopsocking. We did not need walls of text full of rules to make this happen.

03-24-2017, 02:04 PM
Faydedar - (no data on spawn window)

I have been provided with his time of death.

Faydedar - window opens 3/27 2:45 AM EST