View Full Version : P99 Sky Agreement

05-30-2018, 06:27 PM
Here's the official list:

Sunday AM: Riot -- Weekly (June 2016)
Sunday PM: Dawn Believers -- Weekly (August 2018)

Monday AM: Europa -- Biweekly (May 2016)
Monday PM: Stream Team + Friends -- Weekly (October 2019)

Tuesday AM: Open (May 2018)
Tuesday PM: Azure Guard -- Weekly (August 2016)

Wednesday AM: Omni -- Weekly (April 2016)
Wednesday PM: Anonymous -- Weekly (January 2018)

Thursday AM: Open -- Weekly (July 2018)
Thursday PM: The Second Sons -- Weekly (September 2017)

Friday AM: Open -- Weekly (July 2018)
Friday PM: Kittens Who Say Meow -- Weekly (May 2018)

Saturday AM: Aftermath -- Weekly (October 2018)
Saturday PM: Aegis Alliance (ALS/HS/MC/MoM/ES/D&T) -- Weekly (July 2018)


If you wish to go to Plane of Sky and do not have a slot, please reach out and make contact with a guild leader (or officer) to make sure they are OK with your guild or group going up there. If your guild wishes to occupy a vacant spot please have your guild leader shoot me a PM on these forums (as not everyone has access to this subsection).

Please be respectful of your fellow players.