View Full Version : WTB Tailoring Supplies, Hate Crystal LR, Wurm Lord Shawl LR, other misc. goodies

05-30-2019, 12:45 PM
WTB the following:

Misc. Goodies

Puppet Strings RECHARGE - 1k

Mithril Helm - 70k
Maple Leaf Mask - 30k
Gauntlets of Fiery Might - 3k
Girdle of Rapidity - 20k
Hate Crystal - Loot Rights 50k
Wurm Lord Shawl LR - 50k
Knotted Turtlebone Ring - 4k
Tattered Flesh Veil - 2k

Misc. Tailoring Supplies
Excellent Sabertooth Tiger Hide - 20ea
Othmir Fur - 30ea
Tigeraptor Hide - 20ea
Cobalt Drake Hide - 100ea
Haze Panther Skin - 900ea
Ice Burrower Silk - 900ea
High Quality Lion Skin - 150ea
Yew Leaf (or Yew Leaf Tannin) - 25ea
Cobalt Cod (or Cod Oil) - 20ea
Aviak Eggs - 20ea
Drake Eggs - 20ea
Velium Studs - 60ea
Velium Boning - 45ea