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09-10-2011, 06:11 PM
First, I apologize if this is the wrong forum to post my chronicles. If that is the case, would a mod or admin please move this to the correct forum?

Second, I apologize for my lack of forum code knowledge. I will attempt to make this as easy to read as possible, but if things show up oddly, please let me know how to correct this! I realize the pictures are links to imageshack and not embedded. As they are 4MB apiece I have decided to just link to them. If anyone would like to assist me in making them viable for embedding into my post I would appreciate the help!

Third, I prefer to post these raw, unedited, complete with spelling and grammar mistakes. This chronicle was typed WHILE in the midst of my adventures, so popping into my notebook with monsters wandering the area meant I had to make my notes quickly. Also, I am in awe of EverQuest, so my chronicles are a little wordy.

I am amazed at people's lack of awe in EverQuest. How someone can walk through a zone, ANY zone, and not be in awe of the richness and detail of the scenes they encounter is beyond me. Many would call wandering around lost in the same zone for a few hours rather boring. But it is an adventure! There is more to this game than slaughtering enemies wholesale. Hopefully, my chronicle will inspire more people to look at Norrath with new eyes, and rediscover the wonder and awe that exist everywhere I go!

Anyway, here's the log:

Samual's log, day 127:
The previous pages of my journal have fallen pray to unrecoverable errors on another plane of existance called "hard drive", thus, I must start again from where I am. It has been a long time since I have awoken, and as such, my memories of where I am and how I got here are rather sparse. No big deal, however, i am an explorer, and new memories are all around me. I awaken in a field, surrounded by small disorganized buildings. I spot a walking lizard nearby. I do a double-take. A walking lizard! With weapons! I endevour to see if it speaks common with a simple greeting, and a question as to my current location. After a brief conversation that gives me the impression I am unwelcome here, I discover I am on a continent called "Kunark". As an Erudite Wizard of the meager 11th season, this place is apparently very dangerous to me. I talk to some more friendly people nearby and learn that I can return to friendly lands by travelling to a city called FV. I am certain that is an acronym, but it's meaning I do not know at this time, and I am reluctant to ask and waste more of the nice people's valuable time. I'm sure I will discover it upon my arrival.

Wandering through this place, I discover a lake, and in front of it, giant stone statues of lizard people! It's breathtaking to behold, and seems rather ancient. Several of the statues are broken and in disrepair. Perhaps the lizard men do not take much pride in their own creations? Not much of use in this area, however, so I journey on.

A tower! I have seen many, but not like this. The top of it spins in circles! I cannot fathom the purpose of this, as there are unfriendly monsters and such keeping me away, but I must make a mental note to return here when I am much stronger and try to discover the purpose of this odd mechanical tower.

I have come across what appears to be the entrance to a castle or city. Perhaps FV? I will try to sneak a little closer and find out.

DANGER, this gateway is guarded by stange creatures called Sarnak's. I cannot see past the gate, as they will not allow me to venture close, but I do not believe a friendly city would be guarded by creatures of this sort, so I move on.

I have discovered a path! No more wandering around randomly! Where it leads I do not know, but one end goes directly to the Sarnak place from before, so I will travel upon it in the other direction, and with much caution.

WHOA! Not enough caution! As I climb the hill to get to the path, the moment I top the rise I see a very strong looking sarnak, not 5 feet in front of me! Whoops! Luckily, it fails to notice me and I back away quickly with my heart thumping loudly in my chest. I circumvent the path only to suddenly be in a place called Frontier Mountains! However, since Mountains does not start with a V, I don't think this is where I want to be. So, I head back for more wandering.

The path! I have found it again. This time I can see quite far along it, and it appears relatively safe. So I will proceed to follow it, albeit with much caution.

As a side note, I have decided to start taking pictures of my travels. Wish I'd thought of it sooner. Well, better start somewhere, so here's a picture of the path, and my notebook to the side.


Encountering more sarnak's along the path, I have decided it is unwise to continue in that direction, and have veered off, following a wall of mountains to my left. I hope I encounter FV soon, as I am extremely hungry and thirst, and have been without sustenence since I awoke.

So many ruins of destroyed towers around. I suspect some great battle long passed raged through this place. Either that, or the lizard folk are as terrible at civil upkeep as their statues originally led me to suspect. Until I know for sure, however, I don't think I'd want to contract one of them to build me any sort of shelter.

This place is so huge! On and on I journey and I am still within the area known as Lake of Ill Omen. It seems as if this place has no end! For my sanity, however, I sincerely hope the end is right around the next corner, though experience suggests otherwise.

A ruined city, or perhaps castle, looms ahead. However, many random monsters abound, and weaving my way through them appears difficult, maybe impossible. I will make the attempt, however, as this place appears interesting!


Waitaminute! This is where I began!!! Damnit. It's the lizard city again. I have come full circle. Very frustrating! I have been walking for hours! Well, I suppose that happens when I choose to walk in a random direction. Map shmap, I will bypass these racist creatures and continue to follow the wall of mountains.

Below is a picture of a lizard man I encountered:


As you can see by the picture I took, I encountered a friendly lizard! Perhaps I judged them too quickly. Maybe I myself am prone to bouts of racism. I should keep a watch on that. Anyway, the nice lizard pointed me the way to FV, which, ironically, is the same exact way I was going to head anyway. Ah well, it's the thought that counts!

I have encountered a stream branching off from the lake. As per the advice of the friendly purple lizard guy, I am following the stream. Hopefully, I am near FV and can take a much needed rest and get some food!


END OF PART 1. The adventure continues in part 2: Teh F to teh V

...if you guys are interested. Also, I appreciate all comments, suggestions, praise, complaints, insults, obscenity, and armchair therapy you folks care to add! Thanks!

These will no doubt improve as my experience and ability grows.

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Ahhh, FV is Firona Vie, according to the giant floating text that appears as I enter this area. I do not see a city though, so I shall continue along the stream and trust to my excellent luck to find it.

Dangerous. Giant spiders wander around. Many of them. They don't look like anything I can handle. I will have to be very very careful here.


Sooo many spiders. I can scarcly believe I made it this far unmolested! It took much skill and finesse to weave my way in between so many of them as they wander around themselves. I could not stop to take notes or pictures, as I would have no doubt died horribly the moment my attention wavered.

I come to the end of the stream, where it empties into a large pond or lake. There is a really huge statue of a lizard man here, but the spiders are still wandering this way so a crappy picture will have to suffice.


I decided to swim in the pond, as I did not see any enemies under the water, and the shore seems far more dangerous to travel upon. I swam towards a sunken ship, but did not get too close for fear of aquatic predators lurking inside. I beached near the ship, and spied a dwarven pilgrim that appeared friendly towards me. I must be nearing the city!

Ah yes, I am safe! there is a bridge nearby leading across the water. There are friendly guards of all races around keeping out the monsters. Across the bridge I spy a city!! I made it!!!


This city is smaller than I expected, but filled with friendly folk and many fellow explorers! I decide to stop and take a rest. I have no money for food or water, nor equipment to sell, due to deaths I experienced so long ago I cannot even remember them. I should have thought of that, as I am still hungry and thirsty. Upon arrival in a safer place, perhaps I should hunt for awhile and earn myself a bit of coin.


Part 3 will continue when I have some coin and decide to explore further.

09-10-2011, 11:44 PM
Glad to see you made it to FV. Don't know how you managed to go that far without dying. I usually have to bard speed to have any hope, and thats at level 50. Good work, now get some food in dat belly.

09-11-2011, 01:00 AM
The way I duck and dodge enemies, speed would have been detrimental to my survival. The trick is being able to judge exact agro range, and direction and speed of the enemies, and weaving between them. I walked through Dreadlands, Warslik's Woods, Burning Woods, and many other dangerous zones at extremely low levels this way. The only places that are certain death are narrow corridors, like those found in dungeons. And even then, more often than not I can use extreme patience and either they path away or other players get around to killing them. Or, I run into someone that can invis me.

In Live EQ, it took my wizard 8 years to hit level 50. And not through lack of playing him. Exploring dangerous areas I am unfamiliar with, to me, is the highest amount of fun in EverQuest.

09-11-2011, 01:30 AM
Good read, glad you found FV!

09-11-2011, 04:56 PM
Bump for a part 3.