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Psycher 09-08-2013 01:55 PM

2 EQ character texture projects Completed, Download them here!!
I've re-textured the character files in two different style and methods.

**I've used the textures from this post in both of my projects. Special thanks to Nysus and Xevin.

Project 1: Realistic but better clarity Download
In my most recent project, I wanted to simply make the classic images appear untouched but just in higher resolution. Obviously normal scaling techniques would leave the texture looking just as blurring as it was before i re-sized it. However, after a bit of research I found a program called Perfect Rezise 7.5 . I utilized this technology to increase all the textures by 400%. The result is subtle, but In comparison you will surely notice a difference. Here is an album i made to show some of the comparisons, but I would urge you to download the textures and try them yourself.

Project 2: HQx3 Cartoon / cell shaded look Download
I personally like this pack a lot. For more information on this pack and some screenshots Click here. I used a program called Vector Magic to process the images. Also I made a little video running around a fully (well almost) Retextured EC zone including all the mobs guards ect. Watch here. Unfortunately It is entirely too time consuming to re-texture every zone, So I will not be doing that. I may however do some more global files at some point.

Get you're old textures back! Download
If you forgot to back up your files, you can download them above

To Install open the zip file you downloaded and extract the folder to your EverQuest folder. It will ask you if you want to rewrite the files, Do so.

----- Direct X graphics upgrade ----
This is a project i've been working at for a bit on and off, so i decided to throw it on here instead of making a whole post about it. This program forces newer Direct X effects into EQ. The developer of this program method was first used to make old GTA games look newer, but it can be applied to any game as long as the settings are tweaked accordingly. I have two downloads here, The first one is for higher end PCs and the second will run on just about any PC but it still looks great.

To install,
1) Close out EQ
2) Extract the 4 files into your EQ directory.
3) Run ENBInjector.exe from within your EQ directory from which you extracted to
4) Run the game! (after opening the ENBInjector.exe once, It should always open automatically. If not, you could make a shortcut of the file and drop it in your startup folder in windows)

1) You will know everything worked if when you open P1999 green text will temporarily appear on the right every time you open EQ.
2) pressing Shift + F12 will turn the effect on and off
3) if you're feeling like you want to turn down the bloom or mess with the settings, you can open enbseries.ini with notepad and mess with the values, thats all I did. you have to close out EQ and restart it everytime you edit the INI, can be time consuming to tweak as you want.

Uninstalling the effect:
1) just remove the 4 files from your directory.

Terms defined:
Bloom -
Ambient Occlusion
Color boost: Increased saturation and contrast (more darks and lights and less gray washed out colors) - High end PCs (bloom, color boost, ambient occlusion)!XEEDCBTB!B08VNQ...UdJYpTTtjhvQHU - Low end PCs (bloom, color boost)

=== Experimental / Work in progress stuff ===
**Note: backing up the file(s) you replace is extremely important, I will not be posting revert versions of these files, Also I will not be posting any screenshots of these files at this time, Just try them out! it takes maybe one minute to backup your file(s) and unzip my file(s) into your EQ directory (don't forget to rewrite!). Giving feedback on these experimental files i'm doing will encourage me to do more if interest is there.

- West Freeport - Zone textures (Not npc's or objects) - Realistic 400% fractal resize - Clairty improved in the walls, dirt, grass, ect. Try it out! Download

Pringles 09-08-2013 02:15 PM

Have screenshots?

Psycher 09-08-2013 02:17 PM

sure do, they're linked in the original post.

khanable 09-08-2013 02:19 PM

Woot. Trying out the newer realistic stuffs

Pringles 09-08-2013 02:54 PM


Originally Posted by Psycher (Post 1106446)
sure do, they're linked in the original post.

Ya im blind sorry ><

sivax 09-08-2013 06:14 PM

More of this, these are awesome I was thinking why nobody had ever done this months ago. Gonna keep an eye on this thread for any updates. Does this include weapon textures btw?

Psycher 09-08-2013 06:22 PM

that's a great idea, i'm going to try to see where they have the weapon textures hidden, I haven't found them yet. would be cool to have shields and books ect to be up scaled

Galelor 09-08-2013 07:07 PM

Your second project looks more like 'A Scanner Darkly' than cartoony imo. That said, I LOVE it. I wish I could play EQ that that as my textures in all zones. In reading about textures, I found this guy Grinkles who also does a lot of texture editing:
Grinkles Mr. Texture Editor

Couple of questions:
Will these textures work with other EQ EMUs on the server lists?
How long does it take to redo a whole zone?
Can a novice do this and end up with results like you have shown in your video? (It looks neat, and I would like to fart around with it too!)

Stinkum 09-08-2013 07:11 PM

Make sure you turn on 'Shadows' if you put on the cell shaded textures. goes really freakin well together.

Psycher 09-08-2013 09:50 PM

Galelor, that guy did some cool stuff! ill look into it some more tomorrow! BTW I updated the OP to have a project that i've had completed for a while but just tweeked some. The patch will signicantly improve the clients lighting and shaders. Also it adds a mild bloom effect and effects the contrast and saturation a bit to make the game look more vivid. I must warn that it takes a pretty powerful PC to run it though. My PC struggles a bit but it looks awesome. Extract these files into your EQ folder. It should automatically work let me know if it doesn't if anyone tries it out. Ill upload some screen shots at some point (such a hassle .. sigh) lol. Well heres the link, just extract it into you EQ folder. To turn effects off and off hit Shift + F12. This is a good way to see the comparision. To remove the effect completely just delete the files.

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