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kp99 07-02-2021 02:43 PM

Thank you!

Ankara99 07-02-2021 03:31 PM

Thank you Rogean!

Happy Treason day!

Seal Team

Amyas 07-02-2021 04:24 PM


Originally Posted by Rogean (Post 3329302)
A 25% EXP Bonus has been enabled on all servers, starting now and ending Tuesday Morning, July 6th.

Thank you!

Koa Bosk 07-02-2021 10:05 PM

Is Velious live yet? do I need to download a patch?

Sabin76 07-02-2021 11:30 PM


Originally Posted by Koa Bosk (Post 3329682)
Is Velious live yet? do I need to download a patch?

Yes, and no (unless you didn't DL the last one a month or so ago).

Koa Bosk 07-03-2021 10:20 AM

I have the latest update, v54.

Harvest 07-06-2021 05:30 AM

Thanks for the exp bonus! Dusted down my bard and got over a level last night. Hope you greenies are enjoying Velious.

Sk00ba5t3v3 07-06-2021 10:20 AM


Originally Posted by BlackBellamy (Post 3329448)
This is awesome, I'm sure the CT Archon group will become more welcoming than ever!

Plenty open camps on Red :)

Gozuk 07-06-2021 05:58 PM

Thanks for the bonus!

Philistine 07-07-2021 07:45 PM

A belated thanks! It was fun!!

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