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Grimmway 06-11-2021 11:49 AM

Wiki Question for Loramin
First off - I appreciate your hardwork and dedication in curating the wiki. It is an amazing resource. Thank you to you and all of the players that volunteer to maintain it.

I'd like to create a new equipment page - to stand alongside the likes of "Clickies", "Diety specific", etc. This page would summarize all items with passive effects, "Effect: worn" like the Fishbone earring.

Is there a item search method to return a list of equipment with this attribute?

Thank you,


loramin 06-11-2021 12:22 PM

It sounds like you want to create a new category. Categories let you "group" a bunch of related pages (eg. a group of item pages), and have them show up with their own page. For instance, I made a category for all items that give Invisibility:

To create a category, you just have to add [[Category: Your Category Name]] to the bottom of every item page that's in that category. For instance, if you edit the Cloudy Potion page, you will see that it has several categories at the bottom:


[[Category:Inventory Items]]
[[Category:Vendor Sold]]
[[Category:Invisibility Items]]

Of course, making a category with every item with a worn effect will be a lot of work ... you might want to try making a smaller category (eg. "Underwater Breathing Items") first.

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