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Rogean 09-12-2010 01:07 PM

Patch Notes Sunday, September 12th
  • <del>Rogean: Per Classic: Crouching (duck) will no longer immedietely interrupt a spell, but being crouched when the spell finishes will still interrupt the spell.</del>
  • Rogean: Disabled /stopcast
  • Haynar: Cazic Touch (death touch) will now kill a pet's owner if it was intended to kill a pet and can no longer be blocked by invulnerability spells such as Divine Aura.
  • Haynar: Pets will now attack a mezzed target with the /pet attack command.
  • Haynar: Reclaim Energy will now return an amount of mana based on the pet's remaining HPs.
  • Haynar: Fix for mobs continuing to move when mez or stun lands.
  • Haynar: Bug fix for trades with mobs.
  • Haynar: Going too far away will now cancel a trade sesson.
  • Haynar: Trades can no longer be initiated with an actively engaged NPC.
  • Haynar: Added support for spells with no expend reagents, such as Banshee Aura that requires a pearl in the inventory to cast, but does not consume it.
  • Nilbog: deathly ushers will now drop Black Silk Gloves.
  • Nilbog: Theoris Bladespur will no longer spawn.
  • Nilbog: Only one Lieutenant Leafstalker will be up at a time
  • Nilbog: Saben Tucross loot fixed, face fixed.
  • Nilbog: Added ghouls to north ro
  • Nilbog: Djinni Blood will now drop from appropriate npcs in Plane of Sky.
  • Nilbog: Blyle Bundin aggro/death/slay script added.
  • Nilbog: Created "Blyle Bundin's Head" quest
  • Nilbog: Paineel guards will now require amiable or better faction for you to receive the Bone Crafted Key.
  • Nilbog: Created missing levels of griffennes and griffons in North Karana.
  • Nilbog: Slightly increased the drop rate of griffenne charm
  • Nilbog: Griffons/Hill giant spawngroups and pathing in North Karana should look a lot better.
  • Nilbog: Created Timbur the tiny. Welcome back!
  • Nilbog: Solvedi Scimitar quest fixed.
  • Nilbog: increased reckless efreeti/ph respawn time to 70 minutes.
  • Nilbog: Created dialogue/fishing pole sequence between Olunea, Brunar, and Gregor in East Freeport.
  • Nilbog: added dialogue between Shintl Lowbrew and Swin Blackeye
  • Nilbog: Rathmana's quest will no longer award an unusable charm spell.
  • Nilbog: Fixed day/night issues with Oggok.
  • Wenai: Magician Fire Pets have taken a large reduction in AC.
  • Wenai: Magician Water Pets have taken a boost in AC.
  • Wenai: Magician Earth Pets have taken a large boost in AC.
  • Secrets: Added Plane of Sky missing item for warrior questline.
  • Secrets: Changed the Whitened Treant Fists to 1HB.
  • Uthgaard: Fixed Togahn Sorast's text, and incresed Silent Fist Clan faction hits for headband quests; headbands will now require kindly or better faction to complete
  • Uthgaard: Soltemple quest NPCs will no longer eat incorrect items
  • Uthgaard: Inte Akera should accept items again, and require amiable or better faction
  • Uthgaard: Ssynthi will no longer associate with people whom she dislikes
  • Uthgaard: Fixed misleading reward text for one of Xelha Nevagon's quests, and corrected faction requirements
  • Uthgaard: Olunea Miltin will now fix the snapped fishing pole
  • Uthgaard: Priestess Caulria will only reward Spell: Endure Disease for Putrid Bear Hides
  • Uthgaard: All of the Going Postal quests are now fully functional
  • Uthgaard: Mespha (The Enchanter Guildmaster in South Qeynos) will hand out robes again
  • Uthgaard: King Tormax is no longer offended when you complete Evah Xokez's quests; King Ak'anon, however, has become interested
  • Uthgaard: Airtight Metal Box will now combine the correct quest components
  • Uthgaard: Corrected stock for Parn Glywyn, Ayen Rindlor, and Kaila Rucksack in Butcherblock Mountains
  • Uthgaard: A Krag Chick will no longer path into the ocean in Butcherblock Mountains
  • Uthgaard: Xelha's Sparkler now exists
  • Uthgaard: Removed a ton of things that never should have been on vendors
  • Uthgaard: Added Rat Ears to Katha Firespinner
  • Uthgaard: It is no longer possible to break down any tarnished, fine steel, or velium weapons into ore
  • Uthgaard: No more free beer in Rivervale
  • Uthgaard: The other cyclopi in the Ocean of Tears have stolen some jurry from the seafuries
  • Uthgaard: Gave the tradeskill database a complete overhaul: ~7000 recipes are gone, ~1000 are fixed, ~2000 stayed the same or were optimized for performance:
  • Uthgaard: All fletching combines that required a planing tool will now return it
  • Uthgaard: All fletching combines that required a Whittling Blade will now consume it
  • Uthgaard: Stalking Probes now correctly have 5 charges
  • Uthgaard: Aqualung increased to 50 charges
  • Uthgaard: It should no longer be possible to fail any 5 or 10 dose potion combines
  • Uthgaard: Clay Blocks of all sizes, Firing Sheets of all qualities, and Casks will no longer stack
  • Uthgaard: Fixed all ore/clay conversion yields
  • Uthgaard: Removed all post-velious tradeskill combines
  • Uthgaard: Reintroduced unfired pottery combines
  • Uthgaard: Certain tradeskill items that should not have existed but were created anyway, will now be rather deadly

Tamika 09-12-2010 01:10 PM

Your ducking spell cast cancel change is going to be very unpopular (:

mgellan 09-12-2010 01:13 PM

Wow, WTG guys! Thanks!!!


Daymar 09-12-2010 01:14 PM

Uthgaard: Certain tradeskill items that should not have existed but were created anyway, will now be rather deadly

what does this mean?

Nizzarr 09-12-2010 01:18 PM

Jumping used to stop the casting bar, they added ducking because it was ridiculous.

I'm not sure what was the intent in bringing this back, but I guess we're stuck with some silly uninterruptable CHs

lindz 09-12-2010 01:20 PM


Originally Posted by Nizzarr (Post 140177)
I'm not sure what was the intent in bringing this back, but I guess we're stuck with some silly uninterruptable CHs

This. :(

Pheer 09-12-2010 01:25 PM

probably a change to make them useless, kind of like how sony went back and changed the loot people got the first time lord seru was killed because they used an exploit

Sakkath 09-12-2010 01:26 PM

Thanks for the release

Lanvaren 09-12-2010 01:36 PM


Originally Posted by Daymar (Post 140175)
Uthgaard: Certain tradeskill items that should not have existed but were created anyway, will now be rather deadly

what does this mean?

It means that any item from crafting which exists now, that should not, will now damage you - i.e. all stat food.

Though, to be fair - a lot of the stat food that exists now was in classic, it should *exist* with NO stats - until kunark - not simply a DROP in stats... but apples to oranges. :rolleyes:

Uthgaard 09-12-2010 01:38 PM

You're assuming more than you should. Read what I said again. I chose my words carefully.

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