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Nirgon 08-15-2021 06:46 AM

Afghanistan Megathread

War is no place for LGBTQ or woke bullshit

We wasted 88 billion dollars training and supplying the Afghan military for it to collapse in less than a month

Nirgon 08-15-2021 06:49 AM

Burn in hell you commie retards

Taliban has also outlawed the science juice, PRAS

starkind 08-15-2021 06:51 AM

reported for spamming forums from ur sewer lair under the mypillow faktory

Nirgon 08-15-2021 06:54 AM

Oh we know you guys spam report everything to staff

You fuckin cry baby commie

You people should have to fight your own wars

But you can't even handle EverQuest pvp

starkind 08-15-2021 06:55 AM

also in regatrds to to war, we didn't even wage war when bushjrsr was pres we just flew airplanes around bombin shit and getting young kids kid on super sekret never to be declassified always redacted missions for $$$ in like 128 cyuntries, not war, just mercin

they are just getting ready for the dronepockalypse and no one cares hoaw many ppl die as long as they are comfy watchin either ccnn or FXnews.

Nirgon 08-15-2021 06:56 AM

Opinion discarded, communist trash

Might have read the first 3 words

How about the administration here steps up and bans people spamming about someone not breaking the rules

CancerMage 08-15-2021 06:57 AM

im just glad like, a local force is now governing their own country. even if they are backwards as fuck.

I have said it time and time again. we can leave assets in place to survail and our tech is good enough these days, we have any kind of tent city pop up hosting actual terrorists like bin laden, we go in and bomb it. That was the only reason we were in afganistan to prevent terrorist training camps/bases of operation. We do not need to have a large troop presence to do that.

Nirgon 08-15-2021 07:03 AM

Bob Evans removed the border scramble omelet from its menu.


This is a literal invasion. More illegals come into this country every month than we had troops in the Normandy invasion.

Toxigen 08-15-2021 07:07 AM

good to have you back

Nirgon 08-15-2021 07:22 AM


Stuffed with pepper jack cheese, smothered with a blend of Bob Evans sausage, home fries, diced tomatoes, and onions in a ranchero sauce. Finished with sour cream, scallions, and pepper jack cheese and jalapenos. Served with hash browns or home fries and two buttermilk biscuits or bread.
^ this was racist

Prepare for all common sense to be labeled "extremism".

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