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Rogean 03-23-2014 04:36 AM

News and Patch Notes: Sunday, March 23rd, 2014
Loginserver Changes
EQEmulator has completed a move to a new Loginserver system. In addition to many new features, our security has been vastly improved. The old system that was in place had been built over a decade ago with encryption methods that have since become insecure. Due to this system overhaul we recommend all players change their loginserver passwords. We may enforce a password change at some point so I suggest everyone perform this as soon as possible to prevent any delays in account access. If you plan to use the SMS System detailed below to recover access, it could take a week to process and should be done immediately.

The new system is accessible directly from the Project 1999 website. New players are no longer required to create an EQEmulator forum account. Instead, you can create a forum account on Project 1999, and manage your loginserver accounts from there.

Existing players can link their EQEmulator Forum Account to their Project 1999 Accounts, and then also manage their loginserver accounts from here.

The SMS System has been added, which will allow players to attach an SMS Number to their loginserver accounts. This can be used to recover loginserver passwords in any situation where they are not accessible.

I realize that there are some players who have lost access to their accounts, who may not be able to utilize this system to recover. We are looking into further methods of account recoveries. We are interested to hear these situations though. If you are one of these players, please post under the petition section (Use the Account Recovery prefix) and explain your situation in detail. Please include the following information at minimum:
Do you currently have access to your EQEmulator Forum Account?

Do you currently have access to any of the Loginserver accounts associated with the EQEmulator Forum Account?

There may be further questions we will ask after you create your post.
If you are having problems logging in, please verify your eqhost.txt file contains the following:



RMT Activity
As many of you know, Project 1999 takes our rules very seriously, from boxing, to cheating, to RMT.

3 Months ago, I wrote the following paragraph:


I briefly mentioned some recent RMT bans, and I wanted to elaborate on that. We have done multiple waves of bans in recent weeks for RMT activity.

Contrary to popular belief, we take RMT seriously. We have a vast arsenal of utilities at our disposal to identify and track suspected activity. Once a particular player has been identified, it is very easy for us to match all associated accounts, and flag all possible transactions. More staff members have been given access and trained on these utilities.

It is not always immediate, but our logs exist forever, and you will be found. There are no way to hide the trades and it is just a matter of time.

DO NOT Buy OR Sell platinum, items, or characters for money. It is not worth it to lose your characters over.
When I wrote this message, I wasn't kidding. We noticed, in particular, a new RMT site claiming to never have a customer banned. We silently tracked accounts we found affiliated with their operation, and now today we are permanently banning over 400 accounts that have participated in these activities. Don't bother petitioning unless you have a strong defense.

I'm not sure what it's going to take to get the message across.. I said in the last update that we have the logs, and that you will be found. You are THROWING money away. Throwing it at someone who does nothing beneficial to the server other than get you banned, instead of SUPPORTING the server, and helping the staff that pours our own money and free time into providing this for you. It's insulting to us.

I digress. Here's some patch notes.

Patch Notes
  • Haynar: Removed distance checks from pet non-melee damage messages.
  • Haynar: Fix for restoring FD aggro when hit by a spell. It was completely clearing FeignMemory, instead of restoring the hate/aggro.
  • Haynar: Sneaking was using BehindMob_180 improperly, as were all most rogue skills. This was making sneaking horribly ineffective.
  • Haynar: Fixed spinning mobs again. (found the real issue, so fixed the true problem)
  • Haynar: Pathing fixes. Pathing end nodes will now check against actual z coord and bestz if cannot find a node near z actual. If path is only a 1 node, it will go direct if LoS present (no longer checks obstacles). This applies only to 1 node path. This fixes the pathing transition between node/no-noded zone areas. Also fixes some ways that z could be exploited with pathing.
  • Haynar: Added some fixes for changing mob/pet speeds. This also helps fix snared mobs when they go into flee mode. They should no longer warp all over. Pets follow better too.
  • Haynar: Starting a trade, while sneaking and hidden, will now break both. Starting a trade while sneaking only, will not cause sneak to drop.
  • Haynar: Instill Doubt/Intimidation skill should now behave more "classic".
  • Haynar: You can now get skillups using Intimidation/Instill Doubt skill from a distance.
  • Haynar: A successful intimidation/instill doubt at a distance, will now show that you are too far away.
  • Haynar: A successful intimidation/instill doubt will now drop sneak and hide.
  • Haynar: Getting hit with a detrimental spell, will now break sneak and hide, whether its resisted or not.
  • Haynar: Many various pathing fixes / improvements.
  • Haynar: Turning off sneak, while hide is still on, will keep hide up if you haven't moved. You cannot have moved from your original hide location though.
  • Haynar: Sit aggro fixes. Only will add to the hate list now, if they have enough sit aggro for mob to go and hit them. This should do away with faction hits, unless you actually get aggro.
  • Haynar: Fix for double hit message on killing shot, when have exactly same # of hit points as damage.
  • Haynar: Restricted disarm skill to only work on weapons.
  • Haynar: Altered behavior of when mobs flee, when other mobs of same faction are nearby.
  • Haynar: Added lore item checks for items within bags, when the whole bag is being looted from a corpse.
  • Haynar: Slight tweaks to spell fizzle checks, when considering skill specializations. Bard missed notes rate should now take dex and cha into consideration.
  • Nilbog: Antonican Javelins are no longer stackable. They will stack again in ~July 2001 on the timeline.
  • Nilbog: Ashenbone Drake's poison spell particle effect corrected.
  • Nilbog: Hoshkar no longer drops Green Dragon Scales. He will drop them again in ~June 2001 on the timeline.
  • Nilbog: Equestrille will path in much larger areas of the zone. Added a few grids for non-roaming npcs.
  • Alunova: a ferocious hammerhead now has pathing
  • Alunova: Ferocious hammerhead will now always drop an item
  • Alunova: Estrella now has a chance to drop 2 items
  • Alunova: A few fixes to pathing in City of Mist.
  • Alunova: A few fixes to pathing in Sebilis.
  • Alunova: A few fixes to pathing in Gukbottom.
  • Alunova: A few fixes to pathing in Chardok.
  • Alunova: A few fixes to pathing in Veeshan's Peak.
  • Alunova: A few fixes to pathing in Mistmoore.
  • Alunova: A few fixes to pathing in Howling Stones.
  • Alunova: A few fixes to pathing in The Temple of Droga.
  • Alunova: A few minor fixes to pathing in Highkeep.
  • Alunova: Anson McBale in Highpass Hold should now return to his spawn point correctly.
  • Alunova: Fixed some pathing connections in Beholders.
  • Alunova: Created pathing for Neriak Commons Quarter.
  • Alunova: Corrected pathing for the Darkpaw's in Qeynos.
  • Alunova: Corrected pathing for Yeti's located in caves in Dreadlands.
  • Alunova: Fixed roamer pathing in Howling Stones south wing.
  • Alunova: Fixed roamer pathing in Beholders.

khanable 03-23-2014 04:52 AM


Lanzellot 03-23-2014 04:54 AM

swing the bannhammer big man.
war to the cheaters ;)
iam behind you ;)

quido 03-23-2014 04:54 AM


chugaboochu 03-23-2014 04:56 AM

Recently new... curious how long these patches normally take?

Also, Thanks a ton to all who make proj1999 work!

Lanzellot 03-23-2014 04:59 AM

400 account bann take time have patience ;)
new patch also thx staff

dauk 03-23-2014 04:59 AM


Rogean 03-23-2014 05:01 AM


Originally Posted by Lanzellot (Post 1376255)
400 account bann take time

Query OK, 621 rows affected (0.06 sec)

quido 03-23-2014 05:01 AM

name and shame please and thanks

Lanzellot 03-23-2014 05:04 AM

why you interested in names guido ,i dont need names from these scums,away with this cheater folks:p

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