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Oleris 03-20-2019 10:51 PM

Classic/Vanilla WOW
Looking forward to playing it over the summer. Are you guys going

1) horde or alliance?

2) pvp or pve server?

3) what class?

I remember playing the beta for wow back in the day. There had to be 1,000+ players in the starting zone. It prob took a full day just to complete the first 4 levels due to the lack of quest mobs.

Do you think they will instance any of the starting areas at the launch of the game?

Will everyone min/max and not go any gimp specs?

Were shamans any good? I went alliance and only saw them in pvp

Will they decrease the respec or mount prices?

So many questions about the servers with it coming out soon. Will they go the DBG route and add some QOL to the servers and have a cash shop?

I will probably go frost mage and have my girlfriend try out a shaman or priest for a combo. I have zero idea if shaman and frost mages are a decent duo. I know priest/mage is solid due to the PBAOE priests get.

Foxplay 03-20-2019 11:23 PM

Wont be playing... I played on Elysium long enough to level up a mage and warrior and quickly found out that Prior game knowledge ruin's WoW worse than EQ.

Instance spamming with Frost mage is too easy to quickly attack the game economy.

Leveling up people spam attacking the air or instant cast hitting mobs as they spawn in Quest areas

WoW raids wont hold up unless they are buffed for the classic release, MC > Onyxia > BWL > Ahn Quiraj will be annhilated by most guilds unlike back in the day due to how different they are with game knowledge. The only Raid that will be even a speedbump for most guilds that know what they are doing will be Vanilla Naxx

Mead 03-21-2019 05:14 AM



Undead Warrior or Tauren Druid (depends on what my brother is going to roll). Wow was always a game some of my close friends and brother could play together. Very few of my friends played eq. So it will be cool to be assemble the crew again.

I'm a min/maxer.

Enh shaman with hand of rag was silly. If they keep the vanilla totem system, resto is the only end game spec I would roll. Enc and ele were meh. If they for some reason use the new totem system, I have no idea.

Hopefully not. That was part of the fun. Then again, it is blizzard.

I hope they don't have cash shops.

Mage/priest is always an op combo. The only thing you guys are missing is a rogue.

Mead 03-21-2019 05:17 AM


Originally Posted by Foxplay (Post 2880128)
instant cast hitting mobs as they spawn in Quest areas

Foxpox [60 Shaman] (Ogre)
Foxcharm [60 Enchanter] (High Elf)
Foxystyle [60 Druid] (Wood Elf)
Foxfansy [60 Bard] (Human)
Foxpet [60 Magician] (Gnome)
Foxaid [60 Cleric] (Dark Elf)
Foxlich [60 Necromancer] (Iksar)
Foxplosion [56 Wizard] (Erudite)

Jauna 03-21-2019 05:41 AM

Wont be playing. after x years on Light's Hope playing both sides and many classes I just cannot justify doing it again and paying for it. its like when EQLive releases a new progression sever.. its just.. why? we have it now

DMN 03-21-2019 07:43 AM

If I do go back to mess around, probably an orc warlock on a PvP server. No idea about the other things. it wouldn't surpise me if they lower respec costs at least a little.

Lune 03-21-2019 09:20 AM

Night Elf Hunter or Undead Priest, haven't decided yet

That devouring plague though.

From what I've read they appear to be trying to keep it classic as much as possible. However, I feel like they are probably going to have to instance or shard the low level zones upon launch. Even on Nost and Elysium it was a nightmare, and I'm sure those numbers won't compare.

Cecily 03-21-2019 09:26 AM

I made it to level 20 twice in WoW, once in open beta and once in retail. Night elf and a troll. Pretty sure I saw all the game had to offer. Quest based leveling is AIDS.

America 03-21-2019 09:33 AM

i'll probably give it a go tbh. i'll 90% play a lowkey hot female troll dr00d if the meta is good, or else priest. (call me heretical but i hope leveling is fast tbh lol; probably will be. bet trash mobs will be easier than they were [live wow you can tank like 6 mobs to death under lvl 30 right now]).

lemme roll w/ u Lune or whoever!

are player models still classic or has there been a luclin yet?

JurisDictum 03-21-2019 10:12 AM

The strongest classes PvP If I remember right were:

Rogue (Mostly due to being awesome at ganking)

Probably in that order

Druids were mostly good at healing others in small group PvP. Mage and Hunter could both be good but they didn't stand out compared to those others listed.

Warlock really sucked...The best you could do is turret Shadow Bolts -- but you are a total target...or go spirit link spec and not do a lot of damage but have lots of survive.

Maybe its going to be 100% classic though.

I wouldn't play because I was a badass shaman on my classic server when it was live. I was like 18 and played from launch. Anything after that is going to be a total disappointment. I get much more nostalgia out of Warcraft 3 anyway.

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