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Jimjam 10-18-2019 04:57 AM

Rusty Two Handed Sword is cheaper in classic
Rusty two handed swords were MUCH cheaper to purchase from vendors in classic than they are on p1999.

I'm talking about in line with other rusty weapons and in line with the price it sells to vendors; circa 3 gold. On p1999 they match the live price, of about 1.6pp.

The reason this got nerfed is they were too good a source of plat.

As evidenced by this 2003 post you could sharpen rust two handers for a tidy profit.

I also recall in Grobb there is a quest where you can trade 4 x bone chips for a rusty two handed sword. The result of this was a lot of rusty two handed swords on vendors.

My troll would buy up all these swords (and any bone chips to turn into swords too) sharpen them up and resell them for a profit.

This 2010 post confirms rusty weapon vendors had some prices changed (i.e. rusty two handed swords)

this post confirms that rusty two handed swords cost less than 5gp still in 2003.

For completeness this post wrongly lists that tarnished weapons don't sell for more than rusty; this is not universally true. Some weapons would retain their value (rusty daggers), but others would increase in value by at least a couple of copper.

soronil 10-18-2019 11:20 AM

Yes please reimplement this classic & broken/exploitable behavior so this man can make easy plat!

Jimjam 10-18-2019 02:11 PM

Its price was changed on live as it was too cheap away to produce ore. making ore from rusty weapons is outside the scope of p99 so the fix isn't needed.

Making a couple of copper from upgrading rusty to tarnished is not exploitable; in the same time you can grind far more cash from level 1 mobs. Using the 'exploit' as such lowers the speed cash enters the economy!

The real pain of this bug is it makes levelling blacksmithing from 25 to 26 that little bit morr painful; you're paying 1.6pp per sword instead of 2.9 gold.

If cash exploits are a concern price rusty two handed swords to buy as the same tarnished two handed swords are sold for so there is no copper to be made.

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