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Asteria 02-22-2020 05:11 PM

Thank you Llandris. Much success and enjoyment in all future endeavours awaiting you! :)

Truheart 02-22-2020 05:19 PM

Thanks man!

JDFriend99 02-22-2020 06:14 PM

No wonder things stink
Llandris my man. You've had my back more times then I can count when it came to enforcement and issues I helped solve.

With a huge heavy hand I shake yours sir and thank you for all you did quietly and Thor hammerly. Most of us appreciate you friend.

Like other s before you. Enjoy your game now!!

Sunderfury 02-22-2020 06:23 PM

Mad respect for you Llandris, you dedicated a boat load of time to the project. Good job doing what is best for you, and thank you for recruiting me into the P99 staff.

loramin 02-22-2020 08:05 PM

It's the end of an era sir. You will be missed.

Fammaden 02-22-2020 08:16 PM

Can I have your stuff?

Stunnah 02-22-2020 08:31 PM

THANK YOU!!!! You rock man!

Damarous 02-22-2020 09:05 PM

Thank you for your service Llandris. I look forward to hearing he who picks up the torch, so I can bug them about my petition instead of you :-P

Medris 02-22-2020 09:37 PM


We will miss you, Llandris!!! :-(

Dandal McDeadly 02-22-2020 11:23 PM

Thanks for all of the hard work that you put into this!

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