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Rogean 11-01-2019 10:34 PM

Project 1999: Teal
Update Sunday November 3rd: Teal is Live!

Hey Everyone,

It's been one week now since the launch of Project 1999 Green. It has truely been a great experience. We've seen a huge interest in the new server. I want to thank all of you for being a part of it.

Since the opening, the staff has kept a very close watch on the population and how the experience has been for players trying to find groups and mobs. You may recall that we polled everyone last weekend about the possibility of a second server, receiving very mixed results. Since then, we have had numerous internal discussions, taking many things into consideration, including: What we've seen from our own observing of the population of various zones; The petitions and behavior of the players; The many posts we've read on various platforms, such as our own forums, Facebook, Reddit, etc; The feedback and hesitation we've seen from people who are waiting to play due to the overcrowding; and comparing current numbers to the population of Classic Servers at the original launch of the game. It was also important to consider the affect such a population will have once the majority of players start reaching end game zones, of which there are a very limited amount, particularly in Classic. The fact is, even at concurrent numbers of 1500 to 2000, it is simply too many players for pre-Kunark. Considering all of this, it has become clear that a second server is necessary.

Therefor, we are happy to announce that we will be opening Project 1999: Teal within the next 24 hours. The goal is to keep both servers at a healthy population for the amount of content available. We will be keeping an eye on player numbers and merge Teal back into Green as soon as the combined population is appropriate for the current content, whether that be in weeks, months, or years.

We understand that many who have already started on Green would like to play on Teal, but would not like to lose the progress already made. Therefor, we will be implementing character moves using the /move (Short for /movelog) command. This will allow an instant, permanent, one-way transfer from Green to Teal. This will only be allowed for characters created prior to Teal's opening, and will only be open for the next 2 weeks.

The name database on Teal will be shared with Green. You will not be allowed to create the same character name on Teal if it is in use on Green, even if you are on the same account. However, similar to Green, you will be able to create a character with the same name from Blue only if you are on the same account.

Achievements will be shared and announced for both servers. For example, this means that if you are the first to loot a particular item, and did so on Teal, you will be congratulated in a serverwide message on both servers, and attributed in Discord and on the Website. If a player then loots it for the first time on Green, there will be no announcement and no achievement, as it was already accomplished on Teal.


t3hWheez 11-01-2019 10:39 PM

Why split the community?

1203jjt 11-01-2019 10:40 PM

Nice, thank you.

Voodude 11-01-2019 10:41 PM


Originally Posted by t3hWheez (Post 3010547)
Why split the community?

Because there are way too many people for pre-Kunark.

Legidias 11-01-2019 10:41 PM

hard ban anyone who KSed and you can reduce population by half effectively D=

deezy 11-01-2019 10:42 PM


Jibartik 11-01-2019 10:42 PM

Asher 11-01-2019 10:43 PM


Originally Posted by t3hWheez (Post 3010547)
Why split the community?

I think you need to re-read his message.

Premaximum 11-01-2019 10:43 PM


Originally Posted by t3hWheez (Post 3010547)
Why split the community?

Literally read the post.

gangsta 11-01-2019 10:43 PM

Lol so disconnected from their own player base that they delete their responses.

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