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Scrooge 02-26-2014 10:16 AM

DAOC: Uthgard Revamp
Scroll further down to see our currently updated roster!

As most of you are probably aware by now, Uthgard is in the process of undergoing a major revamp. They are working on implementing and fixing everything they talked about for years but never got around to until now, such as;

-Shrouded Isles expansion (all zones/mobs)
-Shrouded Isles classes (fully working)
-Live NPC Pathing (which doesn't exist on any other daoc emu server atm)
-Old RA system
-Revised XP gain system
-Old Battleground Zones (Caledonia, etc.)
In order to reset balance to the entire server, they have wiped all the old accounts/chars, so when the server is up again - it will be like it was for the first time, but with everything already working like it should. To see the status and updates of the server, just check their front page/forums.

If you want to have a fun time and experience the server with veteran (non-elitist) players, you're welcome to run with us, whether you're new to the game or not.

Make a post in this thread with what class you intend on maining, and I'll update our list here, this way we'll know not to make too much of the same thing and have a well-balanced group/guild. The current list of players is preliminary, I'll add the rest once I confirm they will be playing again for sure.

It's not hard to learn how to play well, all it takes is time and desire to learn to play as a team, and we'll have more than enough practice on the way to 50 in the battlegrounds!

Battleground RvR Zones are (non-instanced):

Abermenai - Levels 15-19 - Highest allowed realmrank: 1L2
Thidranki - Levels 20-24 - Highest allowed realmrank: 1L3
Murdaigean - Levels 25-29 - Highest allowed realmrank: 1L5
Caledonia - Levels 30-35 - Highest allowed realmrank: 1L9
Kaldrheim - Levels 36-42 - Highest allowed realmrank: 2L9


Download the full client from the main web site:

Download DAoC Portal:, after installing portal, the settings are self explanatory. DAoC Portal is a freeshard frontend for DAoC servers.

To create a new account you simply login with whatever user/pass info you want to use, and it will create your account.

When you attempt to login to Uthgard for the first time, DAoC Portal's Mod Manager will automatically install all needed patches, so there's no need to do it manually.

For class spells/abilities and to plan your char spec, use the Uthgard Character Builder

Using Web IRC (live guild chat room): you all can join our guild chat channel without having to download any software whatsoever. Just go to, select the server: Rizon, use your forum name as your nick, and channel: #uthgard, hit 'Connect', feel free to idle in there whenever possible - it'll be our main way of communication for quite a while!

Making a new post update, cause I can't edit my posts today.

Our new channel on IRC is #uthgard - same server, cya there!

List of players (updated October 2nd) interested in playing Uthgard 2.0 in the same crew (if anyone wants to be added or removed, make a post):

If anyone is missing from the roster, or you want your name added or removed, make a post and I'll update the list.

Scrooge - mentalist(caster utility)/blademaster/champion
backman_66 - warden/eldritch/hero
Weekapaug - bard/hero/ranger/druid
Ugrask - blademaster/valewalker/eldritch/enchanter
Lyrith - bard/druid
Zade - druid/warden/dps, (+1 friend)
fishingme - scout, valewalker/animist/enchanter, bonedancer/thane
phacemeltar - bard/blademaster/valewalker/eldritch
Nalkin - enchanter
Jaxon - eldritch
dustysr06 - druid/bard (+3 friends)
Cecily - nightshade
Yiblaan - ranger
Foxxhound - valewalker
Ghordo - hero/champion
Kender - eldritch/animist
Nuggets - bard/eld/animist
Brynnag - nightshade
August - bard/hero/enchanter
Hershey - enchanter
Beldon - animist
Tewaz - enchanter
Temig - druid/bard/mentalist
Oleris - enchanter (pbaoe bomb)
Sweetbaby - eldritch
Rust1d? - bard/druid
Spitfyre808 - champion

Caridry - undecided
mrgoochio - undecided
Cookiefist - undecided
Scikala - undecided
Leeyuuduu - undecided
Sssleeve - undecided
Goobles - undecided
Gaffin - undecided

Laberintica - mentalist/warden
Golad - warden/hero
Tramtrist - druid
Villert (Morgo) - eldritch/enchanter/bard/ranger
Sephin - undecided
Sibaru - undecided
Zadrian - hero

Galfon - warden/ench/ment/hero (d2)
Evlesoa (Amnvex) - eldritch/ment/warden/champ (d2)
Kyndig - eldritch/blademaster/valewalker (d2)
Finn - undecided (d2)
Katza - hero

Old DAoC Guildies (classes they used to main)

Vorhal - animist/hero/warden
Kvasir - eldritch/hero/warden
Bell - undecided (blademaster/berserker/cleric)
Kinkade - undecided (valewalker/savage) (+3-5 friends)
Sothien - undecided (eldritch/druid/healer)
Kiire - undecided (bard/druid/cleric)
Signify - undecided (blademaster/berserker)
Salbei - undecided (enchanter/shadowblade)

27 decided, 8 undecided, 8 old guildies, 7 EQC, 5 external 55 total! (estimated, not counting additional friends ppl may or may not bring)

I'll match the roles needed to the ppl in this thread, based on their initial class choices, so we can see what we're missing more than anything else.

Realm: Hibernia

Primary Healing: Weekapaug (druid), Zade (druid/warden), dustysr06 (druid), Tramtrist (druid), Temig (druid)

Secondary Healing: backman_66 (warden), phacemeltar (warden), Lyrith (druid), Galfon (warden), Kvasir (warden), Laberintica (warden), Golad (warden), Vorhal (warden), Rust1d? (druid)

Primary Crowd Control: dustysr06 (bard), Weekapaug (bard/CC), Nuggets (bard), August (bard)

Secondary Crowd Control: phacemeltar (bard/CC), Lyrith (bard/CC), Temig (bard), Rust1d? (bard), Villert (bard)

Primary Bomber (caster dps): fishingme (enchanter), nalkin (enchanter), jaxon (eldritch), August (enchanter), Hershey (enchanter), Kyndig (eldritch), Tewaz (enchanter), Oleris (enchanter), Villert (enchanter)

Secondary Bomber (caster dps): phacemeltar (eldritch), backman_66 (eldritch), kender (eldritch), Galfon (enchanter), Amnvex (eldritch), Kvasir (eldritch), Villert (eldritch)

Primary Shield Tank: Ghordo (Hero), August (Hero), Zadrian (Hero), Katza (Hero)

Secondary Shield Tank: backman_66 (Hero), Galfon (Hero), Kvasir (Hero), Vorhal (Hero), Golad (Hero)

General Melee DPS: Ugrask (blademaster?), Zade (blademaster?), Zade2 (his friend, blademaster?), fishingme (valewalker), Scrooge (blademaster/champion), backman_66 (blademaster), , Foxxhound (valewalker), Amnvex (champion), Kyndig (blademaster/valewalker), Spitfyre808 (champion)

Utility Caster DPS: fishingme (animist), Scrooge (mentalist), kender (animist), Nuggets (eld/animist), Galfon (mentalist), Amnvex (mentalist), Beldon (animist), Laberintica (mentalist), Vorhal (animist), Temig (mentalist), Sweetbaby (eldritch)

Stealthers: Brynnag (nightshade), Cecily (nightshade), Yiblaan (ranger), Villert (ranger)

Potentially we can have the following: [5x Bards, 3x Druids, 3x Wardens] [3x Enchanters, 5x Eldritch, 2x Animists, 2z Mentalists] [3x Heroes, 5x Blademasters, 3x Valewalkers, 1x Ranger, 2x Nightshades] but seeing as how we can't all be in one group, it'd be good to know that everyone in the guild can XP with each other without having to resort to looking for PUGs or soloing. For RvR especially, atleast 1 Bard and 1 Druid per group are needed, but 2 Druids would be better ofcourse, 1 Warden, 2-3 DPS and 1 Shield Tank for defense.

Class Descriptions for Hibernia

Hibernia's One Time Drop Quest List

DAoC Installation Guide

IRC Setup Guide (guild chat-room communication)

I cannot say what we need most at this time, it will become clearer once we're actually up and running with our first chars.

mrgoochio 02-26-2014 12:51 PM

Played with u on uthgard for a few days before I dropped out. Don't remember if my char was mesmeriz or killimore but may consider giving it a shot again whenever it goes live.

Weekapaug 03-03-2014 03:45 PM

I tried so hard to get into Uthgard before but despite all of the bugs and whatnot the biggest problems I had stemmed from not being able to box.

I'm a huge proponent of no boxing on p99, obviously, but I think that's a bit extreme for daoc. No buff bots, absolutely, but not being able to box in pve really makes it next to impossible to level some classes. Even with friends to play with, you really don't bring a lot to a group as a stealther, for example, while giving the group more to deal with because of the bring a friend code.

Love daoc and would love to give this another try, but every class I enjoy across the realms tends to fall under the can't solo or doesn't add to groups categories. Or both.

Any of the new changes addressing this?

Scrooge 03-03-2014 05:40 PM


Originally Posted by Weekapaug (Post 1348051)
I tried so hard to get into Uthgard before but despite all of the bugs and whatnot the biggest problems I had stemmed from not being able to box.

I'm a huge proponent of no boxing on p99, obviously, but I think that's a bit extreme for daoc. No buff bots, absolutely, but not being able to box in pve really makes it next to impossible to level some classes. Even with friends to play with, you really don't bring a lot to a group as a stealther, for example, while giving the group more to deal with because of the bring a friend code.

Love daoc and would love to give this another try, but every class I enjoy across the realms tends to fall under the can't solo or doesn't add to groups categories. Or both.

Any of the new changes addressing this?

I'm not sure what you're asking about specifically, but if it's whether they will allow buffbots this time - I seriously doubt it.

One of the biggest ways to shoot yourself in the foot while playing a stealther, is by thinking 'inside the box;' like thinking you can't contribute anything to make a group better, in both pve/pvp just because you're a stealther. When this game just came out in 2001, my first and only class for a long time was a Shadowblade, the Midgard assassin class. The game was much harder back then, XP was slow as shit, and there wasn't any good/crafted gear like there is on today's "classic servers."

My advice is to look at everything your class can do right off the bat, like in this char builder here, and then prioritizing abilities to help you and your groups level more efficiently.

For example; DoT damage does full damage per tick to an npc regardless of level difference, and since stealther 'poison' cannot be resisted, not to mention poison damage stacks with casted DoTs as well, they are always useful! Or if you decide to specialize in Critical Strike (the high damage stealth attacks,) you also get regular styles in it as well, but if you invest into stealth & critical strike together early on, you can do very high damage every pull.

There's always a compromise in this game, it's not as black and white as - "bad class" or "good class," there are no bad classes - only players who limit themselves, and players who don't.

If you want to be a better player, you have to try new things yourself, don't just read what others do and try to repeat it - because not every class' playstyle is for every player playing said class. Some players simply decide that because they cannot make a certain distribution of spec points work, that nobody else can either, and so they rarely ever even consider a different way of playing in general.

Surrounding yourself with players who think outside the box, can make the game way more fun through sharing ideas and trying different things, in a group that welcomes them!

Weekapaug 03-03-2014 06:15 PM

No, I don't mean buff bots for RvR. For anyone who ever played live, the reasons are obvious. Mythic even eventually put in "classic" servers that were basicly normal servers sans ToA and concentration buffs had a hard coded range. By and large solved the problems caused by them.

I, also, played at release and played for years after through every expansion era. Even went back a couple of years ago. I wouldn't be opposed to resubbing again now as the pops weren't that bad, but there are things they put in that made it really annoying in other ways. There was good crafted gear at release, just no spellcrafting.

What I'm talking about is multi boxing for PvE. The PvE is arguably as not fun as the RvR is fun. While I'm sure somebody will disagree, for most people, you pretty much endure the mind numbing exp grind just to get to the BGs and RvR. The problem is. It's eternally the same fight over and over. Compounded with the fact that some classes, assassins in particular, while fantastic RvR classes, really don't bring much to a group. It's like playing a ranger in classic EQ but on acid...Actually I have a p99 ranger I solo with and it's more fun on a bad day than trying to go at levelling up an assassin in daoc.....slower and it doesn't matter where you go, it's the same fight over and over and over. No sow and BAF so you die more. Rezes are harder to find, limited to your dirt nap timer and aren't as effective. No bueno. Solo levelling in that game is boring and kick-a-hole-in-a-wall frustrating, if you can even solo at all.

I played an infiltrator at the beginning with my friends and during other eras. While your points are correct, in a real practical sense the other infi, scout, and I were being carried by our visible friends in our 8 man group. Yes we could poison and dps, but when you always get multiple mobs every pull because of BAF and stealther strengths being front loaded, pull in and pull out we were pretty much dead weight. An 8 msn group with A stealther isn't bad. More than that, much less 3 or 4, and you have half a group working like lemmings carrying the other half, also working like lemmings trying to contribute something.

In the long scope of the game, it became pretty apparent that the only real way to level up stealthers was to level a necro, cabby or even a paladin first then just PL the stealther, unfortunately. Something that was always allowed live, classic era and beyond.

So yeah, I'm absolutely in favor of not allowing buff bots in RvR. But boxing for pve is a different thing entirely. You don't have the group game in daoc you do in EQ and nobody wants stealthers in groups anyway. Honestly, as much fun as the game is, it's not really worth enduring the solo grind with a lot of classes, sadly, and the levelling mechanic that made PLing possible +boxing was about the only thing that evened it out.

But I'm sure I'll check it out. I play a mean daoc cleric, too so maybe I'll try to ride the wave and level one up when it comes back. Bard, too. I couldn't play any of those classes on uthgard before because when I played there just weren't groups at low levels and once you get into any kind of support spec, party's over with soloing around level 12. If they don't allow pve boxing I really don't see how that situation won't happen again.

What would really be awesome would be an emu like the live classic servers. All expansions minus ToA and buff bots but with epics, epic armor, housing, the catacombs content with the good mid level gear and BGs for all levels that give exp. DAoC at its finest, imo. Because you get all the fun parts with some actual variety as opposed to bleeding out the eyeballs in mundane content just to get to the BGs and RvR.

Weekapaug 03-04-2014 08:12 AM

So this thread and the other massive one for the orgins server got me reading up on all things DAoC.

Now I'm itching to play. Pretty stoked for this.

Even thinking I might check out live again. Any of you guys interested? I have a bunch of Albs with GMs of every crafter, I think. Most, at least. Thinking I never finished Alchemy.

Or a fresh start could be cool, too.

Caridry 03-04-2014 08:48 PM

I might be interested, if you all are going mid I would either go SM if pets aren't bugged or RM if they are. I played with the guild LARFO in classic, you can look up out vids on YouTube.

FoxxHound 03-04-2014 11:55 PM

er ma gurd. Midgurd

Scrooge 03-07-2014 01:18 AM

There's currently some difference of choice as far as which realm we'll be going to, I though we all wanted to go Midgard, but some are leaning towards Albion and Hibernia as well.

So if you guys want to level and/or pvp with our group right from the start, just specify what you would play in all 3 realms as a first/main char. Some people intend on playing 2 classes too, one with the group, and one when the rest aren't around, so as to stay within 3-4 levels of the rest of the group.

So if we end up going to a realm other than Midgard, we can plan ahead which class roles we want to fill like so;

Midgard: Augmentation Healer (battle healer) / Skald (bard type)
Albion: Armsman (pure tank) / Minstrel (bard type) / Sorceror (main CC of Albion)
Hibernia: Mentalist / Warden (battle healer type)

If you need more info on what classes can do, this char builder is most compatible with Uthgard (with exception of the [C] classes, those won't be available.)

Scrooge 03-18-2014 07:44 AM

New Update from 2 days ago!

As per the new updates, Tradeskill Class restrictions will be as posted on this site:

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