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Rogean 04-19-2020 03:04 AM

Patch Notes: Sunday, April 19th, 2020
Item Changes
The staff has been keeping an eye on how recharging has been affecting the use of various items on the server. Recharging is a mechanic that existed in Classic but was not very widely known or utilized. While this is not an issue in most cases, there are a few cases of it now being abused. Some examples of these items being used in a very unclassic and unintended way is an entire raid force using bags worth of an instant cast direct damage click items to blast a raid mob dead in less than a minute. Another situation is the use of these items to bypass the normal hate/aggro building mechanics of the game. Yet another case is the use of certain items to allow a low level player to defeat large groups of higher level mobs, effectively solo powerlevelling.

All of these are only possible because of the Recharge system, since it is simply a matter of cost (in some cases a very low cost) of being able to restore the max charges of the item. However, the staff has had several discussions and does not feel that disabling Recharging would be the right action to take at this time. Instead, we feel that it is better to identify the specific items that are being abused, and make balancing changes to them. This includes changing the buyback price (and in one case removing the ability to sell the item to merchants), and adding cast times to some of the items.

We will not be listing out the specific changes. Rather, players will need to discover them on their own.
  • Rogean: Resolved an issue with Bellycasting.
  • Rogean: Resolved an issue where group heal spells were generating way more aggro than they should.
  • Rogean: Adjusted Rune spell aggro to be more in line with direct healing spells.
  • Haynar: Added pathing fixes.
  • Haynar: Added spell and mob push fixes.
  • Haynar: Added a fix for when mobs summon players, that was not updating z position correctly.
  • Nilbog: Captain Hazran no longer cares for Vah`Shir weaponry.
  • Nilbog: Pike Fillets recipe corrected.
  • Nilbog: monstrous zombie is much larger.
  • Nilbog: Added many missing faction requirements for quest 'Rogue Errands'.
  • Nilbog: Decreased the chance to spawn Watchman Dexlin.
  • Nilbog: Togahn Sorast's, Carver Cagrek's quests are multiquestable.
  • Nilbog: 'Spirit Aid' quest should now work.
  • Nilbog: Treskar's quests should work much better. Added missing faction requirements.
  • Nilbog: Hukulk's, Ranjor's quests are multiquestable. Added missing faction requirements.
  • Nilbog: Pristine Lizard Scales no longer drop.
  • Nilbog: Chanda Miller's quests should work better.
  • Nilbog: runnyeye: a mimic no longer has a loot table.
  • Nilbog: Corrected an issue with paineel guild note on blue/red servers.
  • Nilbog: Corrected an issue causing many npcs to not display bad faction dialogue and/or hostile aggro messages.
  • Rogean: Resolved an issue with Vulak not casting AE's.
  • Rogean: Resolved an issue with Jorlleag casting Complete Heal without mana.
  • Nilbog/Rogean: Anyone completing the SoulFire quest from this point forward who is NOT a Paladin will recieve a SoulFire with 0 charges.

Octopath 04-19-2020 03:10 AM

bye bye red wood wands

Naonak 04-19-2020 03:11 AM

CH fix. Fingers crossed

YendorLootmonkey 04-19-2020 03:11 AM


Originally Posted by Octopath (Post 3113858)
bye bye red wood wands

Told ya to cash out ;)

Octopath 04-19-2020 03:12 AM


Originally Posted by YendorLootmonkey (Post 3113860)
Told ya to cash out ;)

got most of em gone

JDFriend99 04-19-2020 03:14 AM

I did see red wood wands - howd you surmise that ? so i know.

JDFriend99 04-19-2020 03:15 AM

oh nvm click spoiler and find out - now i know

bradburysam 04-19-2020 03:15 AM

I dont know how to add patches and with covid this is going to suck. Very bummed.

JDFriend99 04-19-2020 03:17 AM

you dont need to patch, its server side changes. Once the update is done just log in. Changes will be made to server only not your files.

MaCtastic 04-19-2020 03:18 AM

Soulfire nerfed too

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