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Afterburner 08-30-2015 06:10 AM

Fishing doesn't work like it did on live
My fishing skill is 200. Back in the day on live, with a fishing skill of 200, I could buy 20 bait and expect to end up with 15-17 fish.

This morning, I bought 20 bait. 7 fish, 12 junk, and one lost bait:

Was the same way last night. Burned through 40 bait, didn't have much but a pile of junk at my feet to show for it.

Jimjam 01-30-2021 11:13 AM

I thought this issue would have been resolved more efishiantly.

Has Norrath suffered an ecological collapse? Where have all the fish gone?!

kaev 01-31-2021 01:44 AM

Back in the day 20% - 30% of results gave the message "You caught fresh fish!" and, amazingly, a fish appeared on your cursor. The "you caught something" emote results seem roughly correct to my memory, including the chance that it is a fish, but there's a whole mess of "You caught fresh fish!" missing from p99.

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