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JDFriend99 08-02-2019 05:04 PM

There's also this nifty little rule called share at your own demise, I think they use the word discretion. However it implies if your lovely BFF you made on Snapchat decides that he would like to RMT or steal stuff or ninja loot and is banned while using or accessing your account linked on his IP, then you suffer the horrible fate of being a bad judge of who's cool with your account. And you too get to reroll a toon and try again.

It's on the rules only a lot nicer.

JDFriend99 08-02-2019 05:07 PM

I've been suspended twice one time wasn't my fault one was. Both times I took it and logged back in when I could and never did it again.

Sorry if some can't learn from the ohh umpteen bans over last 10 years.

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