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circlerogue 03-30-2017 11:46 PM

Wood Elf Cultural Tailoring Starter Kit
Don't waste your time (like I did) spending HUNDREDS of hours farming and foraging items to skill up your tailoring; buy this incredibly helpful "starter kit" instead!

I have based the values of the items below on the most common prices found either on the p99 wiki or When prices couldn't be found (i.e. for Oak Bark Tannin) the price was estimated based on the cost of the components to make the item, divided by the success rate for trivial (95% success at trivial), and rounded to the nearest 1 pp.

For example:

(Oak Bark Tannin price + Water Flask Price) / (Success Rate) = Oak Bark Tannin Price
(20 + 0.01) / (0.95) = 21.063 pp
Rounded to 21 pp per Oak Bark Tannin

Wood Elf Cultural Tailoring Kit Includes:

Fier'Dal Sewing Kit - 200 pp value
(4) Handmade Backpacks - 240 pp value

(424) Oak Bark Tannin - valued at 21pp each; 8904 pp for all
(468) Morning Dew* - valued at 20 pp each; 9360 pp for all
(116) Mithril Boning - valued at 27 pp each; 3121 pp for all
(111) Excellent Sabertooth Tiger Hide - valued at 40 pp each; 4440 pp for all

TOTAL VALUE: 26,276 pp
Your Price: 24,000 pp

The amount of time you will save hunting tigers, foraging bark and dew, or even just sitting in EC buying these mats makes this Cultural Tailoring kit worth way more than the time it would take to farm 24k!

*If the buyer prefer, I can convert some or all of the Morning Dew to Mithril Boning for an extra 7pp each.

Please PM me if interested!

circlerogue 03-31-2017 09:34 AM

The items you can make aren't worth selling in EC. Cultural Tailoring is used to skill up past 158 (where Wu's becomes trivial) so you can get to a skill level where you can successfully make Velious Leathers (trivials are all above the max skill on p99 of 250). Wood Elf Cultural maxes at 215. Since every time you succeed at a combine the likelihood that you will get a skill up is about TWICE as high as when you fail, people will make cultural armor as a "stepping stone" to get to Velious Leathers.

In addition, for people planning to do the Velious Shawl quest, Shawl 6 has a trivial of 208 and Shawl 7 has a trivial of 162. While you can make the shawls with lower skill levels, your chance of success is a lot higher the closer your skill level is to those trivial levels. I would recommend that anyone interested in the Shawl quest gets to a minimum skill level of 162 before attempting the 6th or 7th shawls. At that level, you can get the 7th shawl 95% (max success rate) of the time on the first try and the 6th shawl usually requires 2-3 combines. If you skill up all the way to 208, you have a 95% chance of getting the 6th on the first combine, but it is usually easier to farm the quest items 2-3 times than to skill ALL the way up to 208.

circlerogue 04-01-2017 12:26 PM

Still Available!

circlerogue 04-02-2017 12:53 PM

If you don't like the price, feel free to make an offer!

*Everything is being sold as a single set

circlerogue 04-03-2017 09:15 PM

All items are sold as a set!

circlerogue 04-04-2017 08:19 PM


circlerogue 04-05-2017 08:55 PM


circlerogue 04-08-2017 11:44 AM

Still Available!

circlerogue 04-09-2017 03:36 PM


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