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Weratli 03-27-2021 09:08 PM

I have a magician named Sillibus that needs to start killing phinigel for his epic. A guild has his spawn timer on lock down and I cant ever seem to catch him up. Is there anyway I can get a chance to get that epic piece?

ScottBerta 03-27-2021 09:17 PM

Join that guild..?

Weratli 03-27-2021 09:22 PM

haha! I would never leave the misfits. I dont mq things either. I want to enjoy the game. I understand if they are camping him for a few mages in the guild that need their epic pieces. I'm just wondering what the spawn timer is so I have a change at it or when they are done I can start trying for that piece.

Diogene 03-28-2021 05:03 AM

I would ask them directly. Most poop sockers are happy to help

Harvest 03-28-2021 05:59 AM

I know the team who have done the last couple and they would be more than willing to help you get your loot. Just reach out

Weratli 03-28-2021 06:22 AM

Oh cool! Thanks! It would be cool to get in touch with them.

Plowyabeastlord 03-28-2021 10:06 AM

If youre crying about this staff, good luck getting earth staff.

Weratli 03-28-2021 10:07 AM

Wow. Im not crying. Im just asking a question.

madgarin 03-28-2021 10:54 AM

He just salty cause he been trying to purchase an earth staff for years.

Weratli 03-28-2021 11:02 AM


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