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Zoolander 06-10-2022 04:55 PM


Originally Posted by heartbrand (Post 3468106)
Just happy to be guilded with Rogean on Mischief. Go Celtics.

Ulwyn 06-25-2022 04:01 PM


Originally Posted by Jettison (Post 3452941)
Yikes... the jealousy is real with this one.

Jealous of what? Red is cancer

erioshi 09-10-2022 09:10 AM

Greetings, I'm a P99 newbie but have many years of IS/IT experience and the requisite stash of old hardware.

If someone from staff would like to reach out to me via email or messaging I may be able to offer some assistance. I'd just feel more comfortable discussing things privately.

pdub 12-30-2022 05:29 PM

It's interesting how all 10 of the red players come out of the wordwork on these things. Steve Clover literally just said the other day on a Pantheon stream that EQ pvp was always intended to be consensual. There is a reason PVP mmos fail, PVP servers fail, there is a reason only 10 people play on red, all of whom should be thankful and grateful that there is even a red server at all. I imagine red server is a financial burden to p99 as a whole. It would be quite easy to shut it down and no one would care.

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