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Rogean 05-04-2011 10:13 AM

EC Forum Rules (Read Before Posting)
These are the rules for the East Commanlands Tunnel Forums. Violation of these rules can lead to warnings, suspensions, or bans from the forums.

RMT (Real Money Trade) Sales
Any trading of any in-game objects for real life currency, including but not limited to coin, items, and characters, is not permitted. This is a global server rule as well, and people caught performing these transactions will have all characters involved banned from the server.

Post Bumping
You may only "Bump" your threads after 16 hours from your last post in that thread. Violations of this rule could result in thread lock/deletions and possible forum account actions for subsequent violations.

When replying to another's thread, you may not:
Comment on the price of the item in such a way to challenge the fairness of the sale.
Offer your own items for sale under a WTS thread or link to any other thread selling items.

You may only have a maximum of 3 active threads during a 48 hour period. This means that you can not create or post in more than 3 of your own threads within that time frame. It is recommended that you consolidate your wares or soliciting into a single thread or category per thread if possible.

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