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Viscere 08-31-2021 02:50 PM

Would you donate to get Luclin / PoP on p99 ?

Tunabros 08-31-2021 02:54 PM


Viscere 08-31-2021 02:54 PM

moon cats tho doe

Bardp1999 08-31-2021 03:16 PM

No 9/11 option - OP can get fucked by a bear

xdrcfrx 08-31-2021 03:43 PM

lack of bush/towers option sad, but would donate!

alphys 08-31-2021 04:34 PM

$100 on announcement, $200 on launch

A Knight 08-31-2021 05:02 PM

I was just thinking the other day, if I ever play Luclin, and join the dark side of the force, I would want Plane of Knowledge. Maybe not all the books though. But if I am supposed to buy a Bigmac of Everquest with a large fry, then of course Plane of Knowledge.

But also maybe not. Maybe Luclin would be more fun without it. I have no idea because I haven't played Luclin or Pop in forever.

Smoofers 08-31-2021 05:13 PM

Where are the negative money options? I donate because they won't release Luclin

tankh 08-31-2021 05:25 PM

I’d give you a dollar to shut the hell up

Tethler 09-01-2021 03:25 AM

My EQ dream is the p99 staff going up to Planes of Power, though I know it will never, ever happen.

That said, I'd definitely donate for new content if that were a possibility.

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