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I've kept digging at this.

I now think there's enough evidence to suggest that this weapon may have been added 10/08/01 or 11/07/01 -

Please start in my first post and come back, then please check my Gharn's thread here -

Lastly, in order to debunk many of the claims made by previous posters (wasn't in the game until 2002, hundreds of Tunare kills and nothing showed up, 6 months is a long time for a weapon to not show up, etc) - I give you -

An initial magelo entry of 12/24/01 - Over a month before people's "first kill" theory.

The 10/08/01 patch discussed melee revamps, it specifically addressed some weapon availability, specifically mentioning knights. It also introduced (but not in patch notes for whatever reason), a slew of monk weapon updates and additions. It added Primal/priceless Velium Fist Wraps, it added the Fist of Lightning, and there is every indication given my prior research/points that the FoN was in the game significantly before people said it was. Items often took awhile (even 4-6 months) to end up in magelo - witness the Fist of Lightning which was clearly added 10/8/01 but didn't show up in magelo's database until April of 2002! They also, as proven by Magelo, sometimes took (at least a month) to end up in some guild's update. Why is it a stretch to believe it wasn't a drop for Legacy of Sorrow (as is quite clearly hinted at) and on the drop table pre-Luclin? The indicators given by previous posters are largely flawed and at least partially debunked by the Magelo, and I think I've just successfully pushed back the time frame even further on when this item was actually in-game, and given credible support to the theory that it likely was added in on 10/08/01.

10/08 OR 11/07 theory based on Tunare loot revamp - There are no mentions of anything related to Tunare loot revamps in any patch messages before the Magelo date of 12/24/01, back to the 10/08/01 patch date I highlighted. They were largely focused on fixing all of the horrible Luclin launch issues, graphics bugs, etc in that time frame. I'd also like to point out that Tunare's loot underwent an intermediate upgrade at some point. The loot upgrade was DEFINITELY in the game by 11/10/01, please see -
- (item added 11/10/01 to Magelo)
- - the 2 comments at Nov 14 2001 at 7:06 PM from Scotty and TruKing discussing an upgrade
- - the 2 comments at Nov 20 2001 at 7:27 PM from Megummi and Calimyr

Ergo, ample evidence that her loot table was adjusted pre-Luclin, the possible patch dates are 10-08-01 (for all the reasons above plus the time necessary to generate magelo entries & allas comments & get kills & circulate loot amongst playerbase for comments) and all dates up until 11/10/01 (the earring magelo entry) - there were patches between those dates on 10/31, 11/07, and 11/08. The 10/31 patch was a tiny patch and mainly focused around Halloween events, the 11/07 patch is a potential culprit as it was a large patch, and the 11/08 patch was a small emergency patch. The only two options 10/08 and 11/07 IMO.

Now consider this - So the Fist was definitely in game as of 12/24/01. They significantly reviewed Tunare's loot table - most likely 10/08/01 or 11/07/01, as evidenced by item upgrades around that time frame. They also added and upgraded several monk weapons in the 10/08/01 patch....where they also mentioned future upgrades to monk weapons. They could have been referring to the monk weapon upgrades they did put in (but failed to put in patch notes, ie a mis-communication) which could have included the Fist AND tunare changes, or it's possible that they knew a Tunare revamp was due and added a monk weapon with that (either 10/08 or 11/07). Either way, there's little reason to believe that while Luclin hell was going on for the dev team they came back and added *1* item to her loot table prior to the 12/24 Magelo entry...and didn't instead just add it either in the 10/08 monk item revamp.....or a potential 10/08 or 11/07 Tunare item revamp.

The fist WAS quite clearly in the game much much earlier than people are saying, and there is quite a bit of logical evidence that suggests it was probably added in either the monk item revamp (10/08) or a tunare loot revamp (10/08 or 11/07)....both of which occured pre-Luclin.
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