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Texture Patcher

Continuation of the texture repair project started here by nilbog, Kanras, and ropethunder.

New download with updated patcher and two new files.

Download: Version 1.3

What this fixes:

1. Many "black splotch" issues on zone files and race files. Including, but not limited to, black evil eyes, black eye of zomm, funny sand giant hats, black splotchs on Qeynos houses, etc

2. Raptor teeth were a separate issue. The globally loaded Kunark raptor model (rap_chr.s3d) uses .dds files not .bmp files so the patcher doesn't work on it. To simplify things I simply ripped the texture out of the file with s3dspy, edited it with GIMP to make it actually transparent, then added the textures back. The modified file has been uploaded here.

3. Drakes: A few patches back on Live they fixed two outstanding issues with the Classic drake model. one new and one that has existed since EQ started. The spines of the drake model now look like actual drake spines again, not black blocks. Furthermore, for the first time in forever, drakes no longer hold weapons they are equipped with in their mouths. The NEW file drk_chr.s3d included fixes that. Credit for this goes to SoE.

Follow instructions in the included readme for installation.

I will take over the project for nilbog so if anyone runs into anymore black splootchies let me know, I'll see about fixing them and update the file.

Legacy Downloads (These are outdated files for those that care):

Version 1.1
Version 1.2

Nilbog/Kanras: The whole project
Ropethunder: the patcher
SoE (probably Dzarn...): Drake fix
GIMP/s3dspy: raptor fix
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