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For those of you who will be playing for the first time, or those who never played in Hibernia before; the Uthgard forums are a great resource, especially the Hibernia section, as is the DAoC section of Allakhazam - as most of you probably know, one of the oldest resource sites for both EQ & DAoC.

As I haven't seen any posts concerning a complete list of Hibernia's 'One Time Drop' quests, I'll make one here as a point of reference. One Time Drops (OTD) are items which drop off of specific named mobs, only once per player - if certain conditions are met; the player's level meets the minnimum level required for the item to drop, the player's class can benefit from the item (e.g. a staff will only drop for casters.) Another thing to note is, all OTDs are 100% quality just like all other quest rewards in the game, and they are tradeable! I've already explained all relevant stats earlier in this thread if you're not sure whether you need a particular item or not.

Hibernia's OTD List

Sloithi One Time Drop 17 Valley of Bri Leith Sloithi's Ring of Fortitude; +6 STR, +6 Body resist

Wilde's One Time Drop 20 Valley of Bri Leith Wilde's Mane; +6 Empathy (healer mana), +3 Nurture Spec // This mob also drops a decent necklace; Wilde's Wicked Necklace, +7 CON/DEX/CHA, +16 Hits (HP)

Brannigan One Time Drop 25 Silvermine Mountains Lucky Gold Coin; +13 CON/DEX/QUI (gem slot)

Muir One Time Drop 26 Shannon Estuary Gilded Sea Spear; +3 Celtic Spear, +3 QUI, +4% Energy resist

Banghaisgidheach One Time Drop 28 Lough Gur Feline's Tail (belt); +24 DEX, +40 Hits, +5 Power

Danderpaw One Time Drop 28 Shannon Estuary Ire-wolf Hide Jerkin (leather); +6 STR/DEX, +21 Hits

Withe One Time Drop 29 Connacht Pestilent Sickle (1H Blade); +2 Blades, +2 Celtic Dual, +7 QUI, L30 Cold DD Proc

Cachia One Time Drop 30 Connacht Pooka's Tooth Earring (gem); +6 INT/EMP, +4% Matter/Body resists

Famine One Time Drop 30 Connacht Blackthorn Ring (sun/moon); +2 Light/Mana specs, +9 INT

Luchtigern One Time Drop 30 Shannon Estuary Mouse Lord's Tail (neck); +24 EMP/STR, +40 Hits

Thistle One Time Drop 32 Cruachan Gorge Shape-changer's Vest (reinforced); +10 DEX, +30 Hits

Anord One Time Drop 33 Mount Collory Wispy Shield (small); +6 QUI/EMP, +6% Cold, +18 Hits

Neese One Time Drop 33 Bog of Cullen Elite Mireguard Bracer; +2 Celtic Dual, +2 Parry, +9 DEX

Spifnar One Time Drop 33 Cruachan Gorge Crescent Reaver (1H Blade); +4 Parry, +3 STR, +7 QUI, L35 DD Cold Proc

Dorbal One Time Drop 34 Connacht Rapier of the Forsaken (1H Piercer); +4 Piercing, +3 Parry, L35 DD Cold Proc

Little Star One Time Drop 34 Cruachan Gorge Little Star's Braided Mane (Belt); +7 STR/CON, +4% Crush/Slash resists

Muroi One Time Drop 34 Bog of Cullen Muroi's Weighted Battlemace (1H Blunt); +5 Blunt, 8% Crush resist, L33 DD Energy Proc

Ailbe's Claw One Time Drop 35 Lough Gur Ailbe's Claw (1H Piercer); +2 Piercing/Parry, +6 DEX/QUI, L38 DD Heat Proc

Gualach One Time Drop 36 Mount Collory Badger Tooth Necklace; +7 INT/EMP, +2 Power

Nasher One Time Drop 37 Snowdonia Macabre Medallion; +12 Hits, +6 QUI/DEX, +2 Stealth spec

Amadan One Time Drop 38 Connacht Gloves of Black Death (scale); +9 STR/CON, +12 DEX,

Niy the Overseer One Time Drop 39 Valley of Bri Leith War Blade of the Stoic; +3 Large Weaponry, +7 STR, +6% Slash/Thrust resists, L41 DD Heat Proc

Brarn One Time Drop 40 Cliffs of Moher Cliff Dweller's Leggings (reinforced); +9 CON, +8% Cold/Matter resists, +21 Hits

Guardian Hru One Time Drop 40 Valley of Bri Leith Guardian's Bow; +4 Bow spec, +3 STR, +9 DEX

Oak Man One Time Drop 44 Mount Collory Enchanter Staff of the Arcane; +10 Power, +38 Focus Levels (mana use reduction), the staff and focus levels are different based on the player's class, Enchanter / Mentalist / Eldritch.

Dob One Time Drop 47 Bog of Cullen Dob's Bloody Fang (piercer); +3 Piercing, +3 Parry, +6 DEX/QUI, L49 DD Cold Proc

Shadowgnash One Time Drop 47 Cursed Forest Pooka Lord's Mantle (cloak); +2 Stealth spec, +16 QUI, +8% Cold/Heat resists, 5x charges of +75 DEX/QUI (10min per charge, L50 required, rechargeable)

Badb One Time Drop 48 Bog of Cullen Badb's Lament Lute; +7 Music spec, +15 DEX, +7 QUI
I've been retired from P99-EQ & Uthgard-DAOC for quite a long while now, but if you ever seek advice with either one, don't hesitate to ask.
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