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Hi Everyone,

I started playing in March and quickly found this thread. I have been working on getting to the point where I could start completing some of the challenges and have enough time to finally start posting. Hopefully I will be able to periodically update with some of the kill stories. Also I have made a point to record all the videos of the kills. Someday I may go back and do some commentary on them.


Specially Thanks to Tecmos for inspiration and lots of question answering and Dazzlerazzle for getting me started on the server.

Xlarety <BDA> 60 Enchanter

[S] the froglok king [48 paladin, Ruins of Old Guk]
[S] Frenzied Pox Scarab [50 Warrior, Sebilis Disco]
[S] Froglok Ostiary [50 Warrior, Sebilis Disco]
[S] The Golem Master [50 Warrior, HS North]
[S] Sentient Bile [50 Warrior, HS North]
[S] Crypt Wurm [50 Warrior, HS North]
[S] The Spectre Sepulcher [50 Monk, HS North]

Solo Disciple: any 7
[S] Gangrenous Scarab [51 Warrior, Sebilis]
[S] Knight of Sathir [51 Warrior, Karnors]
[S] Construct of Sathir [52 Shadowknight, Karnors]
[S] A Drolvarg warlord [53 Warrior, Karnors]
[S] a necrosis scarab [53 Warrior, Sebilis]
[S] Crypt Caretaker [53 Warrior, Sebilis Crypt]
[S] Estrella of Gloomwater [51 Druid, Kedge]
[S] The Crypt Keeper [50 Necromancer, HS North]
[S] Froglok Pickler [52 Warrior, Sebilis Disco]
[S] Froggy [52 Warrior, Sebilis Chef/Bar]
[S] Froglok Armorer [52 Warrior, Sebilis Chef/Bar]
[S] Froglok Armsman [52 Warrior, Sebilis Chef/Bar]
[S] Froglok Chef [52 Warrior, Sebilis Chef/Bar]
[S] Froglok Repairer [52 Warrior, Sebilis Chef/Bar]
[S] Gruplinort [53 Wizard, Sebilis Disco]

Solo Master/Duo Disciple: any 8 including at least one each from HS South and Sebilis Crypt
[S] Froglok Commander [55 Warrior, Sebilis Disco]
[S] Brogg [55 Warrior, Sebilis Disco]
[S] Baron Yosig [55 Warrior, Sebilis Crypt]
[S] Arch Duke Iatol [55 Shadowknight, Sebilis Crypt]
[S] blood of chottal [55 Monk, Sebilis Crypt]
[S] Harbinger Freglor [55 Necromancer, Sebilis Crypt]
[S] Hierophant Prime Grekal [55 Shaman, Sebilis Crypt]
[S] the Skeleton Sepulcher [50 Warrior, HS South]
[S] a Crypt Spectre [50 Shadowknight, HS South]
[S] Efreeti Lord Djarn [50 Wizard, Nagafen's Lair]
[S] Slizik the Mighty [54 Warrior, The Hole]
[S] Skeletal Procurator [52 Shadowknight, HS West]
[S] The Crypt Feaster [52 Warrior, HS South]
[S] Embalming Fluid [52 Warrior, HS South]
[S] The Spectre Spiritualist [53 Monk, HS South]

Solo Grandmaster/Duo Master: any 6 including one L56+ and one from HS East
[S] King Tranix [52 Shadowknight, Nagafen's Lair]
[ ] Magi Rokyll [52 Wizard, Nagafen's Lair]
[S] Warlord Skarlon [53 Warrior, Nagafen's Lair]
[S] A Black Reaver [51 Warrior, City of Mist]
[S] A cliff golem [58 Warrior, The Overthere]
[ ] The Crypt Excavator [54 Warrior, HS East]
[S] Reanimated Plaguebone [54 Warrior, HS East]
[ ] Mortiferous Protector [54 Warrior, HS East]
[S] a Howling Spectre [54 Monk, HS East]
[ ] Drusella Sathir [55 Necromancer, HS East]
[ ] The Undertaker Lord [56 Shadowknight, HS East]
[ ] Dartain the Lost [55 Necromancer, The Hole]

Solo God Mode/Duo Grandmaster: any 5
[ ] Neh'Ashiir [54 Enchanter, City of Mist]
[ ] Myconid Spore King [56 Paladin, Sebilis Catacombs]
[ ] Fear/Dread/Terror [55 Warrior, Plane of Fear]
[ ] Phinigel Autropos [53 Wizard, Kedge]
[ ] Protector of Sky [55 Rogue, Plane of Sky]
[ ] Emperor Chottal [60 Necromancer, Sebilis Crypt]
[ ] sebilite protector [60 Warrior, Sebilis Catacombs]
[ ] Tolapumj [60 Enchanter, Sebilis Catacombs]
[ ] Lord Rak'Ashiir [54 Wizard, City of Mist]
[ ] Korocust [61 Warrior, Chardok]

Duo God Mode: any 5
[ ] Zordakalicus Ragefire [54 Warrior, Nagafen's Lair]
[ ] a dracoliche [53 Warrior, Plane of Fear]
[ ] Maestro of Rancor [53 Warrior, Plane of Hate]
[ ] Ixiblat Fer [61 Warrior, Burning Woods]
[ ] Overking Bathezid [63 Cleric, Chardok]
[ ] Prince Selrach Di'Zok [61 Warrior, Chardok]
[ ] Queen Velazul Di'Zok [62 Shaman, Chardok]
[ ] General V'ghera [65 Shadowknight, Kithicor Forest]
[ ] Gorgalosk [60 Warrior, Plane of Sky]
[ ] Noble Dojorn [60 Paladin, Plane of Sky]
[ ] The Spiroc Guardian [60 Shaman, Plane of Sky]

[S] the froglok king [48 paladin, Ruins of Old Guk] 6/18/2014

Invised down during the day, calmed the water elemental. calmed the room and suicide the PH. Then did it over and over camping by the exit portal and checking trackers for epic mobs. Got about 8 PH, and 1 tactician (no tiara). Came back later that night and killed a PH then he spawned with just the 2 guards up. I already had the guards calmed. he agroed me sitting on the ledge. Rooted him upstairs in the hallway mezed. setup pet downstairs with haste. chain stunned starting at 50%. Not to bad. was very happy to get my first SAC kill though!

Kill -

[S] Sentient Bile [50 Warrior, HS North] 6/19/2014
Basically scared shitless. I was duoing with a shammy and we were about to go into north after killing the Golems outside and his power went out from a storm. I have watched Tecmos video from Red a bunch of times. I followed his lead to the safe spot lulling the biles and what not. lulled some pathers and did some tests on the agro range for the static spawns to the right. petted up and cleared the left room camped it for 1 or 2 respawns killing that room and the pathers. Pretty easy.

Kill -

[S] Crypt Wurm [50 Warrior, HS North] 6/26/2014 S*
Was duoing basement with a necro, getting exp about 4% from 58 he had to go so I went upstairs and this guy was up in the left side room. Pretty standard lulls and reverse charm which seems to be the less tedious way to kill these guys. S- cause I didnt realize i had dmf ;/ will do it again some day I guess (ended up getting it again at 60 when refreshing keys in north without DMF)

Kill (S*)
Kill (S)

[S] The Crypt Keeper [50 Necromancer, HS North] 6/26/2014
After killing Crypt Wurm and 3 more biles I noticed through the wall that this guy was up. I had just dinged 58 so I thought what the hell might as well give it a shot and Hat out if I fuck up. Lullel all the dudes to get a key from the middle room, waited for respawns in the outer hallway then killed the 3 guys upstairs. Medded up lulled the entire room and mezzed the Keeper. tash + allure to kill the pet then reverse charm vs 3 of the rooted dudes. I had replaced my goblin ring with a cha ring cause i was scared of lull resists and forgot to put it back on. almost let him die. finally broke him and rooted, he got a dot off I nuked looted and gated. Overlooking the dropdown to HS I was clicking off all my buffs so I could dispel the dot and ended up fatfingering and quitting eq. logged back in with 6% hp. First Disciple kill though. Now I can corpse a West key and start making moves in there. Might go back to seb and start working on Disco, not sure yet.

Kill -

[S] A Drolvarg warlord [53 Warrior, Karnors] 9/9/2014
Was going to PL a friend outside of KC and while I was waiting I went to check on named here. Made my way through all the trains to Hand room, everything was fully popped on the way. I saw Knight of Sathir casting, gnomed up and took a peak and saw Warlord up too! Asked my friend how to actually get to his room and made my way. Went down and calmed the room from outside the door easy peasy. mezed tashed petted up one of the guards then pulled warlord with tash and rooted him on my pet. pet broke at some % i forget and I had to stun to get it under control and agroed one of the other guards. ended up under control and died to the next pet break. Ran back after getting a port with no sow and no lev tried again. pet broke under a torch and i got stuck ducking and couldnt stun. game over.
3rd time charmed a diff dog and didnt give him a torch no break owned warlord shitty loot and gated out.

Fail 1 -
Fail 2 -
Kill -

[S] Knight of Sathir [51 Warrior, Karnors] 9/9/2014
Right after Killing Warlord I went in search of this dude. He was spawned in the solo spot, calmed a couple roamers and beat him down. I did eat a dot which was dumb but it wasnt a big deal. Cripple and Slow and he was toast. shitty loot obv

Kill -

[S] Construct of Sathir [52 Shadowknight, Karnors] 9/10/2014
Ended up PLing my buddy for a bit more after killing the other KC mobs. after that session decided to just run though and see if anything was up. Contruct was in Hand room so I figured I should get it out of the way. First attempt i tried to reverse charm to get rid of the pet. Huge mistake, got rocked just all around bad. He seems pretty MR. Anway next go, calmed the room set up a pet with haste and a torch then mezed construct and killed pet. It died in 2 seconds. Then rooted/slow/cripple and it was easy as pie. killed undead jailer with the same charmed hand. Warlord was up so I got that guy again too.

Fail 1 -
Kill -

[S] The Golem Master [50 Warrior, HS North] 9/14/2014
Was going after a HS south key and this guy was spawned in the room for the boss key. Standard kill charmed a bile at 60% hasted it and he died. Pretty simple. Moved on to West Boss camp after.


[S] Skeletal Procurator [52 Shadowknight, HS West] 9/14/2014
After getting this guy to 4% on my first try starting with 70%hp and 60%mana i knew I could do it. First time I went with reverse charm but this time I just straight up pet raped him. wasnt too bad i was aware of my runes and made sure I spots for dots to dispell. I also cleared the whole entire hallway before. Really wasnt to bad. charm never broke had him mez/cripd/slowed the whole time. gated after shitty loot and went for my last guy for HS. hopefully I get him so I can spend some time in seb.


[S] The Spectre Sepulcher [50 Monk, HS North] 9/15/2014
Had been clearing West for 3-4 days on and off trying to get this guy to spawn. There was a necro (Stenxx) in North most of the time when I was trying to spawn this guy. Had about an hour Monday night so I jumped on and went into north to see what was up. Necro was in there clearing and was going to let me know when he popped. While I was running around he spawned and I took him out easily. Technically not solo as the other group was clearing shit and the spawns were broken but Iíve cleared North and West so many times that Iím counting it [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.] Time to work on Seb!


[S] A cliff golem [58 Warrior, The Overthere]
Well I lied while I was about to run to Karnors to get ported to seb I thought what the hell and went for the Golem. The Foreman already had a whip and torch. Set him up with haste and raptured the golem. Took 2 raptures to land slow and I was low on mana. No charm breaks, only had to bedlam and rune the pet once after I let him eat enrage for a couple hits. pretty simple, Pet ended at 9%. Got a peridot for my troubles

-Xlarety (Enchanter)<BDA>
Clarety<Machin Shin> Xegony
Solo Kills
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