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Before anyone else asks me, no I cannot circumvent this. And even if I could I wouldn't. I haven't looked at the files as I no longer play here but I am 80% certain the change was specifically to disable this. This patch has been living on borrowed time since I made it, it was going to happen at some point. This is the same method they have had in place to prevent tampering with the spell file for a few years now. There is ways I could potentially work around this without global load, but it's longer and more complicated (many struggled with global load as it is) and it may not even work right. Besides, I have no interests in going against the dev's wishes.

I am not upset, incidentally. I could care less. I play EQ rarely now and P99 not really at all. I just popped in to help when I could with whatever and maintain this. I am pretty busy in real life and this is just one less thing I ever have to bother with again lol.

Maybe one day the devs will make a custom divergent server that goes beyond Luclin like they have talked about, and maybe they will enable the models themselves then. But until then, enjoy winter and have fun in Norrath! [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
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