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Originally Posted by Engraverwilliam [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
bump. any new progress on this very cool project?
Well I haven't had any time to continue working on this. I plan to do it though! I wanted to see at least a 70% approval for this project and it has a 69% right now, so thats close enough. Everything is manually done and takes a huge amount of time, so I'm going to release a new version of the global_chr.s3d every time I get a new race completed. I think I will begin with Humans since I have a lot of time invested in the human male monk already.

Originally Posted by legider [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
I was really considering doing this a few months back, just ran into some annoyances in dealing with extracting, testing, and repacking the textures. If there are any tips for a smoother process, I would definitely love to work on some textures.
I would welcome ANY help you guys would be willing to provide. I'm doing all the work in Photoshop and S3DSpy.

It's simple and there are no tricks or faster ways to do it. It is painfully slow! At first I did my testing in 3dsMax using 3D Ripper DX, but that process for testing is really clunky. It would have taken less time to test in-game.

If you want to help with this project, I can send you the textures you want to work on and then you send them back when done and I'll repack them. This way all your time is spent on the actual cleaning of the textures.

My workflow goes like this:
Extract the character textures S3D file using S3DSpy (global_chr.s3d and global4_chr.s3d)
Open file in Photoshop
Multiply Dimensions by 4x
Type in 400% width and height.
Clean things up
I use mainly the blur and smudge tools to get rid of pixelation.
If a texture does not have enough detail to blur and smudge, I recreate it as best I can using the original colors if possible.

Save File As... Bitmap + PSD
Repackage global_chr.s3d using the bitmaps and S3DSpy
Check in game
Rinse, Repeat

Every texture has a standard naming scheme:
Example = "humch0001.bmp"
"hu" = Race
"m" = Sex
"ch" = Armor Location
"00" = Armor Type
"01" = Part

ba - Barbarian
da - Dark Elf
dw - Dwarf
el - Wood Wlf
er - Erudite
gn - Gnome
ha - Half Elf
hi - High Elf
ho - Halfling
hu - Human
ik - Iksar
og - Ogre
tr - Troll

f - Female
m - Male

Armor Locations:
ch - Chest
fa - Forearm
ft - Foot
he - Head
hn - Hand
lg - Leg
ua - Upper Arm

Armor Types:
00 - Cloth
01 - Leather
02 - Chain
03 - Plate
04 - Special (Monk/Erudite)

Originally Posted by Yselik [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Hrm, I do 3d modeling and texture work, I'd be willing to redo the iksars. Just point me in the direction of the files and I'll gobble them right up. Just PM me.
Iksar textures (and Barbarians also for some reason) are located in global4_chr.s3d. The workflow remains the same.
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