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Ok yea! Lets post some screen shots! You're right!

Ok so, lets start by talking about our flaws cuts its 2019 and evertying is me_irl now.

In this shot you can see on the right, our action window, we couldnt do much to it, the long story short it is that thing is radioactive. But we toned down its colors, but youll also notice those buttons. Those are classicUi1.0 buttons. Our first, "can we even do this?" button. There are reasons its still on the action window, but I wont get into them now. But the main difference between them and the 2.0 buttons are that they are not textured and will one day be textured.

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The other thing that is a total jerk is the Hotbutton Window, its radioactive and a jerk! But.. youll see we're cooking some stuff up to solve that clear button issue you see circled in the above shot..

We do have all the original button all over the place though, you may notice the bags are not yet marble (more on that below) but they do have their correct buttons! Also take note of Deezy's Inventory window. This is about as 1:1 classic as it gets on p99 right here ladies and gentlemen, it is pixel accurate on everything in there! It's pretty impressive I think. Oops you'll see over floating in there too that we did at one point have a marble confirmation box. (This just got rolled back, as we are trying to solve another issue, but it will be back!)

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I hammered on marble bags for so many nights. You can see how close I came, but there are blockers but the laboratory is experimenting always!

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Some of my favorite details are the little windows, getting the cast bars to work was basically like, nah, cant, nope, no, no, dang, no, no yea YEA!

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You might notice the target window/healthbar.. those are still p99, Deezy did 1:1 pixel origional bars, but they were TINY. (You may notice that in your inventory, take note of your exp bar.) He is currently working on a larger custom healthbar that will hopefully give the classic look, but be sized up so you can see it on our larger displays.

That brings us to the next topic, TitaniumClassic.. DUN dun dun.. what does that meawn?

Take a look at the quantity window. That window has 2 pressed arrows in it, and a slider. Back in the old days the quantity window was a press press type window, while, in titanium they changed it to a slider type button. Now, I could get into why it cant be changed but trust me there are a lot of reasons that will bore you. So for now, in the interst of time, its now a hybrid titanium classic combo, where you control it like the new slider, but it looks as close as possible to the old slider.

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You may also notice this type of 'Hybrid' design, in a very prominent window, if you are a caster!

The Spell book on titanium is setup entirely different than it was in classic, (believe it or not its like 8 different images its basically like that movie hellraiser in there) so it has some differences that will just likely prevent it from being completely classic any time soon, no page turning animations unfortunately, no unique arrangements of spells etc. One day, maybe, but not in the immediate future.

For now you get a custom jobber that incorporates all your favorite gauges and buttons and pages and background, old and new, human sacrafice, dogs and cats living together, on the pages of our very own project 1999 spellbook dun dun dun

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Im actually quite proud of this hehe besides the obvious its basically the block that would fill your parascope camera when you would meditate on classic. This was one of my first big tear downs and I've learned a lot (in fact I have since then learned how to reduce the spell gems to 10 if you test me I will don't test me [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.])

I also tried this to no avail.

OK we have arrived at the bank! This window, and a few others, were accessible in full screen transparent windowed mode, and where we have found evidence of that we were able to add it to project 1999.

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Some windows we were not able to hit, merchant, loot, tracking, a few of them, for various reasons (most, the same blocker that bags have womp womp) will be pushed to later versions. But some of the little details we have managed to salvage and get in there! Notice I got pressed buttons working in the action window, and the original TRACK text buttons in the tracking window, but you will unfortunately notice that the spell gems, items, and pressed buttons do not work in the hotbutton window.

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Last night I managed to figure out how to display spell gem holders. This got me extremely excited, however I am still blocked by some other stuff, but if you click this link you'll see some sneak peeks of things to come!

Overall the UI is a little bit of the same, a little bit more, a little bit classic, and a little bit titanium. But it is all Project 1999 and it is all made with love for all of you. I hope it brings you some joy! It was very fun for us to work on. Much more to come and a long way to go!