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Looks like this was done a year after epics were implemented.

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October 8, 2001

*** Item Changes ***

- Increased the duration on Song of the Deep Seas (the proc on a bardic
weapon) dramatically.

- Modified the effect of Feast of Blood (weapon proc) it is now a DoT

- Added a texture to Flayed Barbarian Skin Leggings.

- Added Illusion: Barbarian to the Flayed Barbarian Hide Mask.

*** Miscellaneous Changes ***

- The last language used by your character will be stored in your
eqclient.ini file when you log out. This means that if the last
character you were playing was speaking Elvish, then when you log back
in with any character, that character will be speaking Elvish if he
can, otherwise it will be set to a default language (most often

*** Magic System Changes ***

There is a more detailed explanation of these changes posted on our
Developer's Corner. Please visit there for more details (either at or
bin/Ultimate.cgi). Here is a summary of the changes:

- The level-based spell resistance bonus inherent in super-high level
NPCs has been reduced significantly.

- Several NPCs have had their resistances reduced. Each of them was
examined carefully, and resistances changed as seemed appropriate. For
some of these NPCs other things were changed as well to compensate for
their increased susceptibility to spells, such as armor improvements or
perhaps greater hit points, if needed for that NPC.

- NPCs that were highly magic resistant in order to make them immune to
certain spells can now be given specific immunity to those spells. This
means that they can be made immune to critical spells, as intended, and
still be generally less resistant to magic. Players will receive a
message similar to the one that is already given for Mesmerization
spells when they cast a spell on an NPC that it is specifically immune

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is very important to note that we have not made any
NPCs immune to spells that they were not already immune to. Many NPCs
that were previously immune to spells due to their high innate
resistance to magic have had that resistance reduced and specific
immunities added. So if you see an immunity message after attempting to
cast a spell on an NPC that you hadn't seen such a message from before,
understand that the NPC was already immune to that spell before due to
high resistances, and the only difference is that it now has lower
resistances in general and specific spell immunity (which is why you
are seeing the message).

*** Melee Changes ***

After extensive research, testing, and evaluation we have completed the
melee portion of our class balancing. To be clear, these changes apply
just to the combat aspect of melee classes. Any issues with non-combat
skills, spell effects, spell selection, or non-combat aspects of
classes will be evaluated in the near future. With the completion of
the melee combat balancing, we will be moving onto spells and spell
casting classes.

Due to the extensive nature of these changes, we can't describe them in
detail here. A detailed summary will be available on our Developer's
Corner message board. Please visit and our forums for
more information.

* Summary of Melee Changes *

- Two-Handed Weapons have been given an increased damage bonus for
characters over level 50. Also, certain post-epic quality two-handers
have been improved.

- Warriors have had their taunt skill cap increased to 230 at 60th
level. Also, the Blades of Strategy and Tactics can now be used in
either hand.

- Rogues, as the primary user of piercing weapons, will benefit from an
improvement in the quality of a few existing high-end daggers. At some
future date new piercing weapons will be added to the game to fill gaps
in equipment availability.

- Monks will now be on an improved combat table at levels 55 and again
to a better table at 60. Monks now have the ability to Triple Attack at
60th level. The minimum damage done by Flying Kick will be greatly
increased for monks starting at 51st level and scaling up to level 60.
We also intend to add more monk weapons in the future to fill equipment

- Rangers have their Double Attack skill cap raised to 245. They have
also gained an innate offensive bonus that starts at level 55 and
increases until level 60. Ranger's Defense skill cap has been raised to
220, and their Riposte skill cap has been raised to 185.

- Paladins and Shadowknights, besides the benefits they gain from the
two-handed weapons change mentioned above, have also been moved to the
same combat tables as warriors. In the future we intend to examine the
existing one-handed weapons useable by knights for possible upgrades.
We are also increasing the Taunt skill cap for these two classes to

- Bards have had their 1h blunt and 1h slash skill caps increased to
250. Their piercing skill cap has been increased to 240. Their Offense
skill cap has been raised to 252. Bards are also being moved to the
same combat table with all the other melee and hybrid classes (save
monks who have separate tables after level 55). Bards Parry skill cap
has been raised to 185 as well. Finally, the Singing Shortsword can now
be equipped in the off hand and still give full song enhancing

Please read the detailed explanation of these changes on our
Developer's Corner message boards at

*** Firiona Vie (Roleplaying Preferred) server goes Live ***

Our newest special rules server is now available. Firiona Vie is
designated as roleplaying preferred. There are many special rules for
this server, please read over them carefully before playing. We will be
keeping an updated list of these rules on our web site at .

** Firiona Vie Server Feature List **

- This is a new server, not a split server. Nor will there be any
transfers to this server.
- Characters will be wiped before the server goes Live.
- This is a PvE (Player vs. Environment) server, NOT a PvP (Player vs.
Player) server. In other words, it's a standard 'blue' server with the
same rules and features regarding PvP as the vast majority of our
servers. It is not one of the 'Zeks'.
- Auction restricted to city zones: Qeynos, Surefall Glade, Highkeep,
Freeport, Rivervale, Erudin, Halas, Neriak, Grobb, Oggok, Greater
Faydark, Ak'Anon, Kaladim, Felwithe, Paineel, Cabilis, Kael and
- Beneficial buff spells will not work on characters 20 levels lower than the caster.
- Each character will be assigned an "alignment" upon creation. This
alignment will be described in brief on the character creation screen
(in the same location that their Deity is described).
- Each character will be able to change their alignment once any time
after they reach 10th level if they choose. A character is not required
to change alignments, but may do so any time after attaining 10th
level. The player will be able to chose from a list of alignments based
on their race, class and deity.
- A character's alignment will determine whether or not they can group
with other characters.
- A character's alignment will determine an experience bonus or penalty
when grouping with other characters.
- A character's alignment will determine if they can cast beneficial
spells on other characters (including resurrections).
- Language skills will improve only through group chat in the same zone
and from /say.
- Languages will only improve 1 point each hour and will be capped at
level*5+5 skill points.
- Common will not exist. A Human language will be added and only made
easily available to certain races.
- One character per account.
- The Trivial Loot Code will be in effect in all zones.
- Very few items will be No-Drop. Exceptions will include things such
as newbie notes and epic weapons.
- Bind Affinity will be restricted for all characters to locations
where melee characters can bind on other servers.
- /emote will be language specific
- All characters will be /roleplay.
- /alignment will display the alignment of your character and probably
a more detailed description of that alignment.

** Trivial Loot Code **

Briefly, the Trivial Loot Code works like this: If a character kills an
NPC and that NPC does not give them experience, then the Trivial Loot
Code takes effect. If any member of a group does not get experience for
a kill, the Trivial Loot Code will take effect. The Trivial Loot Code
prevents magical, lore and no-drop items from appearing on the corpse.
Normal items and coins will appear on the corpse in all cases as usual.

For detailed information about the alignment system on the Firiona Vie
server, please visit our web site:

** NOTE **

Boisterous shouts can be heard across the lands as carriers herald the
arrival of the latest volume of their city's newspapers. Citizens rush
to get a copy of these publications to read the featured articles,
latest gossip, and community news for their hometowns.

** A Tale from Norrath **

Adventurers, glory seekers, and plunder-hungry knaves,

A few new tavern tales have been circulating from across the Deep. It
appears that strife and civil unrest have once again plagued the lands
of Kunark. Stories of treachery and terror within the ranks of the
Sarnak have spilled forth from the mountain fortress of Chardok.

Only a few of the most cunning spies have made their way into the
Sarnak hive during this brief time of turmoil, and their reports may
have serious implications. The Brood of Di`zok seems to be more
organized than before. Their leadership is becoming more structured...
and much more brutal. Production in the mines appears to be increasing
and soldiers have been amassing in great numbers.

Other tales have come from this mountain fortress as well. Terror
squads and interrogators have decimated the ranks of reported Sarnak
traitors. These squads have been working under the leadership of one of
the Sarnak Collective's newest council members, Korucust. It can only
be presumed that this cleansing is another step towards strengthening
the foul brood.

These tales are hard to confirm, since many of your adventurous kind
are prone to drink and to the occasional mistruth. If these tales are
true, it would only stand to reason that new dangers may reveal new
wealth and glory. Perhaps it is time for you to gather your best gear,
finish your mug of ale, and head out to investigate.

Good luck adventurers.

- The EverQuest Team

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