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Velious Texture Replacement

A recreation of Savok's work here. Since his links seem to be dead and I had someone ask about this I recreated it and reposted it.

All credit for this goes to Savok, NOT ME.

There are two possible downloads. Velious 1 or Velious 2. Velious 1 has leather, chain, and plate (1, 2, and 3 respectively) set to the new Velious leather, chain, and plate textures (17, 18 and 19 respectively). Velious 2 has leather, chain and plate (1, 2, and 3 respectively) set to the Velious cloth, ringmail, and scale textures (20, 21 and 22 respectively). Both have the old monk textures (Texture 4. Human/Iksar only) set to the Velious Monk armor (Texture 23). This does not and will never change helmet graphics.

You may only choose one of the sets of 3 at a time. Choose wisely and swap back and forth as you see fit.

For reference:

Can download Velious 1 pack here.
Can download Velious 2 pack here.

Simply extract from the .rar and move the two files over to your Everquest directory. No eqclient.ini changes are needed.

You must make backups of global_chr.s3d and global4_chr.s3d before doing this. I will NOT be providing backups of the base files (for obvious reasons). That means if you fail to make a backup of the original files and decide later you want to revert back, you'll have to completely reinstall Everquest. You've been warned.
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