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Originally Posted by Dentalplan [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Donal's Chestplate. Complete heal click first nerfed to 30s cast time and then later given some kind of cooldown effect as well.
Change 1: 20 seconds -> 30 seconds
Donal's BP is 20 seconds from Kunark -> Velious +14 days.

The above thread discusses the patch message of December 19, and people confirmed the casting time was increased to 30 seconds.

December 19th, 3:00am

*Patch Day*

Today's patch primarily consists of tuning of Velious zones as well as content and other additions. In addition, the following changes have been implemented on the Live servers:

- High-end items that have a activatable (right-click) healing effect have in several cases had their casting times increased.
These threads from the day after the December 19, 2000, patch also confirm it was a 20 second casting time from Kunark -> Velious + 14 days.

Change 2: 30 seconds and 7.5 min 1hp/tick buff preventing recast

The second change occurred about 11 weeks after Velious released. Donal's BP = 30 second cast time with the effect "Complete Heal" having a component buff that lasts 7.5 minutes, non-removable, non-dispellable, 1hp/tick preventing other Donal's BP clicks from landing as long as the buff is in place.
Donal's Breastplate has an effect called "Complete Heal" (not our level 39 spell). Lucy says that the effect is "Complete Heal (over time)".

*What* is a complete heal over time?

That spell is the result of the big nerf on Donal's BP. It was a regular CH before it was nerfed. People were taking down uber mobs of the time with 2 Donal's clerics and a warrior, so they made it into a 30-sec cast time and gave it a buff icon. You can only land the BP CH on a specific individual once every 10 mins or so.

It *was* overly powerful and deserved the nerf, but as per usual, it was nerfed into oblivion. It's not useful at all really anymore. Free CHs after a wipeout, I guess... but even that is pretty useless with a 30 sec cast time. Hell, with a bard playing mana regen, I regen enough for a CH in 30 secs anyway.


I didn't know about the buff icon thing that doesn't let you cast Donal's more than once every 7.5 minutes on someone. Talk about an over-nerf. I could see one or the other, but both? The 30 second cast tme alone would make me only use it on CR's or between pulls or something. Adding a 7.5 minute "you can't do that again" feature makes the 30 second cast time a slap in the face. How dare you use that clicky!
February 21, 2001 3:00 am

--- Donal's Breastplate can now only be used on any individual target
once every 7.5 minutes. This addresses some of the balance issues that
became apparent given the existence of a mana-free complete heal.
Change 3: Celestial Healing/Velious Cleric BPs -> Celestial Healing Casting time increased from 24 seconds to 1 minute

An additional 2 weeks after the mega Donal's BP nerf, the Velious Cleric BPs (Thurg/Kael/SS/PoG) get nerfed by increasing the casting time from 24 seconds to 1 minute.

March 6, 2001 3:00 am

-- The casting time for four cleric brestplates sporting the "Celestial
Healing" effect has been increased to one minute. We understand that
this severely limits the use of that effect and we are currently
discussing alternate effects to place on those items in the next patch.
We did, however, need to address the 300pt per tick regen that could be
placed and kept on the group tank. When we've decided on the new
affect, it will be applied to those items retroactively.
Change 4: Celestial Healing/Velious Cleric BPs -> Celestial Healing changed to Mark of Karn

A week later the Velious Cleric BPs are all nerfed from Celestial Healing to Mark of Karn. Mark of Karn is also upgraded to heal more per a hit.

March 14, 2001 3:00 am
- The spell, Mark of Karn, has been enhanced to heal more per hit.
- The effect on the Celestial Elixir Breastplates has been changed to
the enhanced Mark of Karn. The casting time on these items has also
been changed to 9 seconds.
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