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Default Getting Started on Project 1999 - PC and MAC


For PC users:
I swear sometimes the EQEmuLauncher is more trouble than its worth. And I can't believe all the information regarding setting up P99 without the Launcher has been removed...

Here goes:

1) Default install of EQ: Titanium (other clients will NOT work). Copy/pasting the EQ folder from another install works just fine here. (For consistency, I'm going to assume you installed EQ to C:\Everquest so that the eqgame.exe path is C:\Everquest\eqgame.exe.)

2) Right-click on the eqgame.exe icon within your everquest folder, select Create Shortcut.

3)Right-click on the Shortcut to eqgame.exe you created in step (2). Select Properties.

4) In the Properties menu that appears, edit the target line to say "C:\EverQuest\eqgame.exe" patchme. The quotes are only needed around the destination string if it contains spaces. Select Apply and then OK to close the properties box.

5) Open the C:\Everquest\eqhost.txt file in the text editor of your choice.

6) Delete whatever is in the eqhost.txt file and replace it with the following two lines:

7) Save and close the eqhost.txt file.

8) Download the latest file from the patch notes. As of this update, we are on v32, found here.

9) Extract the file into the C:\Everquest directory, overwriting any files it asks for.

10) Within the C:\Everquest directory, delete the following files to allow these updated zones to function properly on P99:

11) Start EQ via the shortcut for the eqgame.exe process you created in step four (4).

12) Log into the server with the account you created at

13) Select Project1999: The Ruins of Kunark from the server list.

14) Enjoy playing on P99.
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