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Default Patch Notes: September 8th, 2019

Something Something Something Green...
Stay tuned for information coming soon(tm).

November 2001 / December 2001
Blue and Red are now officially on the last point of our timeline. Further patches may still provide additional classic changes.

  • Rogean: [Oct2001] Modified damage tables both Pre and Post this Era for all level ranges to account for changes made in that patch. Previously, On P99, Warriors, Rangers, Monks, and Rogues were on the same damage tables from 51 to 60, which should not be the case. We have separated Rogues, Monks, and then the rest to their own damage tables for Pre and Post Oct2001. All of these classes except the Rogue received a slight damage table decrease relative to their previous-p99 values. Shadowknights, Paladins, and Bards will see a damage increase appropriate for Post Oct2001 changes.
  • Rogean: [Oct2001] Monks can now Triple Attack, and now have a minimum damage for Flying Kick.
  • Rogean: [Oct2001] Rangers now gain an additional innate 4 Attack bonus per level from 55 to 60.
  • Rogean: [Nov2001] TGB Enabled.
  • Rogean: [Nov2001] Heal Amount Messages will not display prior to this Era.
  • Rogean: [Dec2001] Velious UI will be enforced prior to this Era.
  • Rogean: [Dec2000] Hotbuttons 7-10 will be disabled and hidden prior to this Era.
  • Rogean: [Kunark/Sep2000/Oct2001] Applied Era Rules to Weapon Damage Bonus Calculations.
  • Rogean: Corrected Spell EffectID 183 (Skill Check Modifier) to properly modify skill amounts, instead of directly modifying hitchance.
  • Rogean: Removed the client's ability to visually and arbitrarily cap certain skills. The server is now authority.
  • Rogean: Velious UI is now the default for character select and characters without an INI file.
  • Rogean: Universally disabled numerous non-classic UI Windows.
  • Rogean: FPS is now hard-set to 60. This was not done to force a classic framerate, but more because various client mechanics depend on this number, such as falling damage, levitate bob, and more.
  • Rogean: Some netcode improvements / fixes.
  • Rogean: It is no longer required to remove newer nektulos, lavastorm, and arena zone files from Titanium directory.
  • Rogean/Secrets: Classic Character Select loading zone implemented.
  • Haynar: Fixed an issue with teleports in pathing.
  • Nilbog: [Oct2001] Blades of Strategy and Tactics can now be used in either hand.
  • Nilbog: 'Bandit Binders' quest now works. (amiable or better faction)
  • Nilbog: 'Shark Hunting' quest works again.
  • Nilbog: 'The Regurgitonic' quest requires indifferent or better faction.
  • Nilbog: akanon: added and removed several npcs.
  • Nilbog: Shield of the Protector no longer drops from Eashen of the Sky.
  • Nilbog: amorphous goo mechanics and loot have been altered.
  • Nilbog: Queen Raltaas spawn mechanics and timers updated.
  • Nilbog: Kaglari will accept 1-4 belts at a time. 'Magik Power' now multiquestable.
  • Nilbog: rivervale: piranha/chomper green aggro. piranhas drop correct teeth. updated spawngroups of rivervale fish.
  • Nilbog: 'Note to Neclo' quest requires indifferent or better faction.
  • Nilbog: Sonsa Fromp is a greedy merchant.
  • Nilbog: Added missing dialogue to the Diggs family.
  • Nilbog: Larkon Theardor's quests are multiquestable. 'Basilisk Tongues' requires kindly or better faction.
  • Nilbog: 'Cazic Thule Initiate' requires indifferent or better faction.
  • Nilbog: Added hail, aggro, faction and quest for Granin O`Gill.
  • Nilbog: 'Cazic Thule Disciple' quest implemented.
  • Nilbog: (Dleria Mausrel,Toelia Snuckery,Marshal Lanena,Manik Compolten) quests require amiable or better faction.
  • Nilbog: 'Bertoxxulous Initiate' quest implemented.
  • Nilbog: 'Tribunal Initiate' quest implemented.
  • Nilbog: 'Rallos Zek Initiate' quest implemented.
  • Nilbog: The lizardman camps of feerrott are more level appropriate per area.
  • Nilbog: 'Innoruuk Initiate' quest requires amiable or better faction.
  • Nilbog: Added aggro and death messages to humanoid npcs in nektulos.
  • Nilbog: Cowl(s) of Mortality have black tint.
  • Nilbog: Mangler is kos to all.
  • Nilbog: Crustacean Shell Shield is no longer magic.
  • Nilbog: Divine Glory max hitpoints decreased from 150 to 100.
  • Nilbog: Rhino Hide armor is no longer usable by monks or druids.
  • Nilbog: Idol of Rallos Zek is no longer usable by shadowknights.
  • Nilbog: Flayed Skin Bracer is lore.
  • Nilbog: Greaves of Avoidance are no longer usable by all races.
  • Nilbog: Crustacean Shell Helm no longer has a graphic.
  • Nilbog: 'Orc Runner (Felwithe)' quest requires amiable or better faction.
  • Nilbog: 'Illegible Scrolls' quest requires amiable or better faction.
  • Nilbog: 'The Falchion' quest requires kindly or better faction.
  • Nilbog: orc runner of butcher now has placeholders and doesn't always carry the sealed letter.
  • Nilbog: 'Karana Clovers' quest requires amiable or better faction.
  • Nilbog: 'The Seax' quest requires amiable or better faction.
  • Nilbog: 'Goblin Caster Necklace' quest requires amiable or better faction.
  • Nilbog: Corrected an issue with the Chrislin Baker portion of Enchanter Epic quest.
  • Telin: [Feb2001] Raised bind wound skill caps for Paladins, Rogues, and pre-level 50 Warriors.
  • Telin: [Feb2001] Raised the post-level 50 bind wound skill caps for Druids, Shamans, and Clerics.
  • Telin: [Oct2001] Raised taunt skill cap for Warriors, Shadowknights, and Paladins.
  • Telin: [Oct2001] Raised double attack, defense, and riposte skill caps for Rangers.
  • Telin: [Oct2001] Raised 1H Blunt, 1H Slash, Piercing, Offense, and Parry skill caps for Bards.
  • Telin: [Nov2001] Raised Piercing skill for Bards.
  • Telin: Decreased the experience rewards for Bandit Sashes and Cheslin's illusion cards quests.
  • Telin: Vulak'Aerr now always drops 3 items.
  • Telin: Added missing particle effects to the ruby above Vulak'Aerr.
  • Telin: Corrected appearance of Enynti and an advisor.
  • Telin: Added missing levels to Mistmoore inhabitants.
  • Telin: Increased faction hits from killing Xicotl.
  • Telin: Double doors should now open at the same time in Cazic Thule, Mistmoore, Kelethin, Paw, Runnyeye, Unrest, and Temple of Solusek Ro.
  • Telin: The giant plague rat in Blackburrow should now consider dubious.
  • Telin: Lieutenant Dagarok now always shows for his night shift and also faces the right directions when he stops. He’s also much more resistant to magic.
  • Telin: Greater Faydark should now cycle through the day and night with an experimental fix.
  • Telin: Adjusted spawns, loot, and pathing in Mistmoore.
  • Telin: Added Fish Dinner quest to Kerra Isle.
  • Telin: The Resistant discipline should work again.
  • Telin: Holyforge discipline should now animate properly.
  • Telin: Corrected Pacify's spell duration to classic.
  • Telin: Corrected Karana Raider loot.
  • Telin: Ring and Circle of Surefall Glade are now available.
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