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Default Introducing Project 1999: Green

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October marks the 10th year anniversary of Project 1999; March of this year also marked the 20th anniversary of Everquest. The intent of our project was always to restore the original classic experience of Everquest from launch through Velious, and our most recent patch was the last major milestone in that effort. It seems appropriate now that we relive through that timeline on a proper, fresh classic experience.

Introducing Project 1999: Green, to be released on October 25, 2019 (Early Afternoon Eastern Time)

Project 1999 Green is a new PVE server without any patches or expansions enabled upon release. Old-style mechanics and drops will be enabled, including legacy items such as Guise of the Deceiver and Manastone. The server will then progress through all patches on the same timeline as Everquest's original launch, all the way up to the last patch in Velious.

Green Lifetime
The green server will, at a time yet to be decided, eventually merge into blue and start over again. This merge will not happen until at least 6 months after the last patch in velious (No earlier than January 2023).

Blue Server
The blue server will always be open and remain at its current point in the timeline, with possibly some custom content being added to keep things interesting in a 'classically inspired' style.

Multiple Green Servers
Many players have expressed concern about the population that a Green server may bring, and that we may need to open more than one server to satisfy that interest. At this time we are not planning to open a second server, but we will address and evaluate this as needed. We are also not ruling out new servers before Green has reached the end of Velious. However, servers powerful enough to handle thousands of players are not easily acquired for a project like ours, which brings us to our next topic..

Much of our hardware is aging and becoming unreliable. We will also need to consider the resources needed to host potentially thousands of players on a regular basis across Green, Blue, and whatever else is to come. We are currently in the process of procurring new equipment, but as always donations are greatly appreciated. As a reminder, this project operates off of donations alone, and donations do not go to anything other than covering the expenses of equipment and hosting. None of the staff receive any monetary compensation for the work we do, as it is all strictly volunteer.

We would like players to have their fair shot at obtaining limited time items, and to that end we are devising a system for a server-kept 'list' of players in line to loot said item. Upon entering a zone or camp area, you will be able to enter a command to add yourself to the list for this item. While your name is on that list you must remain in the zone or camp vicinity until your name reaches the top (You'll have a limited time to re-enter the zone or area in case of disconnection). Once your name is up, and the item drops, you will automatically be granted exclusive permission to loot that item from the corpse. We hope this system will prevent the practice of passing camps and/or items to friends, corpsing additional items, and so on. We believe this should closely mimic how the majority of camps were handled in classic Everquest, and is the best solution to mechanically enforce it. More details about this system will be announced prior to launch.

Development will not stop for Green and Blue. The project will continue to make adjustments to fix bugs and restore classic functionality as it becomes possible to do so. There may also be things that weren't properly 'era locked' when implemented that may need to be adjusted. We will also be considering additional content for Blue that may be custom in nature, but adhering to a classic feel.

Raid Rules

The CSR Team will be addressing raiding concerns in a separate, new thread in the Raid Discussion forum. Most of the raid rules will stay as they are, with First to Engage being the primary mechanism. There may be special considerations similar to Blue, such as Plane of Sky. This is still being discussed internally.

Play Nice Policy
Staff will be on hand to watch over the launch to make sure players are abiding by the Play Nice Policy. Many zones will be crowded, and we expect groups to stick to their camps and not be dipping into camps that another group is camping. The 25 Mob AE Limit will be in place, but we will evaluate this and change as necessary. We have received evidence that ALL spells and songs were limited to a max of 4 mobs per cast/pulse until September 1999. This will be in place for Launch.

Guide Applications
If you intend to play on Green or not, we will be recruiting more Guides. If interested, please post (or reply) a thread in the Guide Application forum. Make sure to follow the template in the sticky, and also please mention if you intend to play Green, Blue, Both, or Neither.

As usual with all Project 1999 servers, boxing will NOT be allowed. However, as is currently the case with Blue and Red, you may play one character per server at the same time.

Character Names
You will not be able to create a character on Green with the same name as a character on Blue, unless you are on the same account that owns that character on Blue. We may also bring the server up early to allow character creations ahead of time. We will try to announce this as much in advance as we can.

Beta Server
We intend to hold a brief Public Beta as soon as the hardware is in place for the Green server.
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