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Okay, early Velious era then. I usually group that change in with Kunark era, as it came before the removal of exp penalties (which is more of Velious era proper), and because the increased mana pools and first round of new spells for hybrids happened in Kunark. A bunch of spell-casting improvements happened for them in a span of 6 months.

That patch note doesn't necessarily mean it only affected hybrids though (unless you have a later patch note where it says they changed it for other classes too). There was a lot of lazy code in the game. Hybrids were just the ones constantly talking about how their spell casting in combat was too weak, because they were the ones who were actually trying to both melee and cast all of the time. Knowing the way changes got made back then, it would be pretty standard if they universally changed it, while formally highlighting it as a change for hybrids. I'm interested in knowing the date it got universally changed, if it wasn't then.