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Originally Posted by Dwarflord [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
you cant capture a classic experience because all content is trivial, people play the strongest characters and know how to play.

back when eq was classic everyone was terrible, had no gear and generally wiped everyplace.
You can emulate a game but you can't emulate the time it came from.

The Council, Raid on Castle Mistmore

As a whole, the raid on Castle Mistmoore was a failure because most of us died at least once to the numerous trains of that dreadful place. Most uf us ended up leaving the place frustrated and with less experience than we had coming in. And that was with 3 full groups of level 30-50 characters, mind you...
Note: Looking at the screenshots I think this one represents what the original Infravision/ Heat Sight looked like to the player. Could see farther than a human, it wasn't pitch black and things had an orangish glow.

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