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Originally Posted by Jibartik [You must be logged in to view images. Log in or Register.]
Item recharging = WAY MORE over powered than enchanters.

Also nobody knew how to do that in classic so by that logic DELETE IT

Delete the server, nobody knew how to play EQ back then delete the server this whole thing isnt classic!

"This server isnt classic because when I play on it Im still old and not young and full of hope that I wont play this game for the rest of my life like I was on live."
Nah, the only things I have asked for here were aesthetics which can't happen and rooting the dragons / or trust busting the meta as three years was long enough, dragons was chosen. Not proud but it is nice wandering around NtOV during prime time. The players that matter to me have told me they like that change, mission accomplished.

Don't get it confused due to me giving JurisDictum shit and remembering how things were. Can't emulate the time the game came from.